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Let’s Have a Summer Kickoff!

Summer break is finally here! If like many other people all over the country you are planning a summer kick off, you need to be prepared! Whether it is a Luau party, a Graduation party or just a summer theme party, here are a couple of ideas to make it unforgettable!

If you want all your guests to have fun while being original, and most importantly you want to have a party that will respect the environment. It sounds like a lot of work and thinking but it is actually pretty easy!

straws-blogpostFirst of all, the drinks. Whether you are serving alcohol or not, you need an original touch. Yes, but all disposable glasses look the same right? Think further! What do you need when you drink cocktails? Yes, you got it, drinking straws! Go for colorful and Eco-friendly straws. They look super fun and your guest will appreciate the earth-friendly gesture. Made of paper and coated with beeswax, red striped straws and green striped straws add excitement every time they are used!

What’s next? Food! How are you going to serve your friends & guests?


You can always go for Eco-friendly disposable plates but don’t you think you can do better? Look at our wooden boats! Made of wood or bamboo leaf and formed in mini boat shape, they will bring a touch originality to your table. Your guests will be impressed by their natural and fun look. Perfect for your appetizers or ice cream, those disposable bamboo dishes will be perfect for your summer kick off party! And if you would rather serve tapas, you can always get the beautiful and very functional compartments tray.

skewers-bioanchic-blogpostNow add the cute Umbrella skewers and Seahorse skewers and you are ready to celebrate summer! Barbecue skewers and skewers for fruits can both be displayed with the elegant waved bamboo pick holder, you can be sure that no one else will have thought of it! Your party is about to be the best one!

Don’t forget, originality and presentation is definitely one of the most important thing when organizing a party! Enjoy your summer break and most importantly, be safe!

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What is Cornstarch PLA?

cornstarchLet’s talk about Cornstarch PLA! I know what you are thinking! Plastic is bad for the environment and you don’t really want to hear about it. Traditional plastic is made from petroleum products, and are getting less and less popular among the consumers. But technology has come a long way! PLA may sound like plastic but it’s actually a Bioplastic made of cornstarch. See, even plastic can be Eco-friendly! Very resistant, everything that is 100% made of PLA is totally biodegradable and compostable!

Once it is converted to a thermoplastic polyester known as PLA, cornstarch is strong just like regular plastic only it is completely compostable. Though, it can’t withstand high temperatures, PLA is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. Indeed, Cornstarch Cutlery cannot withstand temperatures above 115°F – 65°C. It is therefore recommended to use with cold to medium temperature foods.

cornstarch-cutleryNicely finished and very elegant, our line of heavy duty Cornstarch PLA Cutlery provides an earth-friendly alternative to environmentally unfriendly plastic! They are perfect for take-out and outdoor events. 100% compostable, you won’t have to worry about the harm you are doing the planet, and their stylish design will definitely please your guests.

Don’t forget that as it is a compostable material, you can throw away your PLA items in the garbage or recycle them. Best of all they can also be composted!

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How to Serve Sushi in Style

Originally from Japan, Sushi has become very popular in America and we can’t blame anyone! The endless possibility of tastes makes this delicious food as appealing as their look and style in your plate.

Whether you make them yourself or buy them somewhere, sushi nights are always fun!

But be sure to have the appropriate tableware and utensils first! If you are having a party or a catering event and are trying to serve your guests sushi, you want to look fancy and catch their attention.


There’s no need to go to a Japanese restaurant or sushi bar to be classy!

You have 3 things to think about when having people over for sushi:

  1. What sushi dishes to use to.
  2. What chopstix your guests will be able to use
  3. How to serve soy sauce, gari (ginger) and wasabi

Let’s go through those steps one by one!


How do you want your sushi to be served?

You can choose to have all of them served on a tray, whether you pick a beautiful transparent one or a simple and elegant wooden tray, and let your guests gather around the table and enjoy a convivial moment. But you can also choose to serve those beautiful little creations individually and make it easier for everyone to walk around freely while enjoying your sushi. While the Bamboo boat is perfect to display sashimi (very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces) in a very original and elegant way, the beautiful Bamboo mini dish fits Maki perfectly and look adorable! You can also go for the rectangular transparent dish if you are looking for something that fits a couple of sushi.


On to the next step! How are you going to eat your sushi? The most obvious option would of course be with chopsticks but remember that not everyone knows how to use them! You need to be aware of your guests’ needs and think about alternative options. Stay fancy with the awesome beginners’ wooden chopsticks and the easy wooden chopsticks and keep the Japanese spirit! Everyone will love them!

sushi-condimentsThe last step is all about your condiment display. Keep it classy by serving soy sauce in the square transparent dish that will match the others you picked! As far as gari, you can innovate a little by serving it in those cute mini square plates that could also been used for wasabi.


See, it’s not that hard to organize a sushi party! It’s all about your catering supplies and no matter what you are looking for, we got you covered! The best part? All of our tableware and utensils are 100% Eco-friendly yet disposable!


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