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NYC Council Approves Foam Containers Ban

As you may have heard, the plastic foam container ban has been approved by New York City Council in December, which is great news for Earth lovers and Eco-friendly companies! About a hundred cities already passed this ban – including San Francisco, Seattle and Portland – and after its past legislative session NYC becomes the largest U.S. city to implement this ban.

This ban however is only a compromise for now. It still gives officials – mostly Dart Container Corporation (one of the largest foam products manufacturers) and the American Chemistry Council – a whole year to try and prove that Styrofoam can be effectively, economically ad safely recycled. If this cannot be proved the ban will definitely be enforced in July 2015.

210CDP176-no-watermarkSince no municipality has been able to prove that plastic foam can be efficiently recycled yet, the ban is very likely to be enforced next year and that is why it would be best to be ahead of it and switch to more Eco-friendly solutions already. Luckily, many recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials are used for disposable containers, tableware and even utensils. From Sugarcane to Bamboo, finding green solutions has never been so easy and if you know where to look it can also be very affordable.

Are you looking for takeout supplies? You can find great recyclable or biodegradable takeout containers and takeout boxes in many styles and colors.

Do you need disposable tableware for an event or a reception and want to have Eco-friendly items for all of your guests? You can find wooden tableware, sugarcane tableware, bamboo tableware or even palm leaf tableware that will look amazing on any table and add this special Eco-friendly touch that you were looking for.

See, it is not hard to find any type of Eco-friendly item and get ready for next year when the foam ban will be enforced. Be ahead of competitors and go green already!

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How To Host A Super Bowl Party

You know it, the Super Bowl is the most popular sport event in America and has more viewers than any other TV event.

football-375745-mLet’s be honest, you WILL be watching the Super Bowl, whether you decide to have people over at your place or to go to a friend’s to enjoy the game with them. Every year, the Super Bowl provides you the perfect opportunity to gather with your friends, family or even co-workers to watch the game, enjoy some snacks and drinks and talk about football. After the exciting Holiday season, January is usually pretty uneventful and the Super Bowl is a great excuse to get together and have some fun in a casual atmosphere!

If you are hosting the party, you obviously want it to be a super bash and here are a couple of tips to help you make this party as good as possible!

First thing is to figure out how many people are invited and will end up sitting around the TV. You want to make sure that everybody has a seat and can see the screen. The best would of course to have more than one screen if you are planning to have a lot of people over. Set everything up in advance, clean up your place and get everything ready.

After you are sure everyone will be able to sit and watch the game, the next step is almost just as important… The food and drinks! Make sure you get enough food for everyone and to last the whole game. Chicken wings, sliders, nachos, guacamole, chips and dip… The choices are endless and it is just up to you serve it in appropriate dishes and tableware to make it easy for your guests to eat all of it.

Need examples? Served in wooden boats chicken kebabs and wings have never looks so delicious and if you have a bunch of dipping sauces you can serve them in a compartment plate to make it easier for your guests! Best part? Both are disposable – no dishes after the game – and Eco-friendly as they are biodegradable or compostable! With a good set up and adapted tableware nothing can go wrong!

Getting Eco-friendly tableware is a good start for a green party but it is not the only thing you can do. Keep in mind that individual bottles for instance are a waste and that getting bigger containers would be more Eco-friendly and think about recycling at the end of the party.

One last advice… Prepare food ahead of time so you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen while your guests are there, you would miss out on all the fun!

Good luck and enjoy the game!!

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How To: Host A Black Tie Event – New Black Collection

What is a Black Tie eventWe’ve all heard about it, but what is it exactly…
bowtieComing from the 19th century costume conventions, Black Tie events are evening events where you are expected to follow a specific dress code: black suit, white shirt and tie/bow-tie for men; black dress for women, preferably long.

If you are trying to host a Black tie event, you have to make sure your guests know about the dress code but you also have to make sure that your decorations and tableware will match the style of the party.

The best way to do so is of course to use black elegant tableware. What better idea than matching colors?

I know what you are thinking. Having many people over is a big commitment and also a lot of work. Cleaning up everything afterwards is always a problem and you are more than likely trying to avoid it. But you might think about two issues: buying disposable tableware can be pricey and it is not Eco-friendly… Wrong! If you know where to look, you can find affordable Eco-friendly disposable tableware. Disposables made of Bamboo – which is one of the most Eco-friendly material on earth – are 100% biodegradable for instance.

black-collectionFrom black Bamboo cutlery to black Bamboo mini plates through black Bamboo tasting spoons, you can be sure you will find everything you need to serve your food bites, appetizers and other treats. And if you would rather be more original and serve food on skewers, we’ve got you covered as well! Black skewers with side twist, black looped skewers, or black end pick with red bead, you can find lots of different options, sizes and shapes of black skewers to display your foods.

It has never been that easy to get supplies for your Black Tie Event!

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