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Disposable Skewer 360 Videos

209BBTHANI Skewer Video

Enjoy these wonderful angles of our unique line of skewers and picks. In order to let these fun products shine we have created 360 degree videos. We have gathered a collection of our most popular skewers for your viewing pleasure!



BioandChic.Com | Bamboo Teppo Gushi Skewer 2.7 inch | SKU: 209BBTG70 

BioandChic.Com | Bamboo Looped Skewer 3.5 inch | SKU: 209BBBCL90

BioandChic.Com – Top Twisted Bamboo Skewer SKU: 210BBTWIST12

Last but not least, everyones favorite!
BioandChic.Com – Bamboo Skewer With Mini Dish – SKU: 209BBTHANI

Check out our unique skewers and many more products on our BioandChic Youtube Channel

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