5 Reasons Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Rocks!

If you haven’t seen bamboo, wood, or palm leaf tableware for yourself then you have really been missing out! There are plenty of great things to say about  eco-friendly tableware, and I would love to hear why you think eco-friendly tableware is great! Here are my top 5 reasons why Eco-Friendly Dinnerware is extremely awesome!

1) Great for the environment.

By using eco-friendly disposable plates and other disposable tableware you are not using plastics that are harmful to the environment. Plastics end up filling our earth with trash because of the extremely long time plastics take to break down. Plastics are not renewable and burn a lot of fossil fuels to create.

2) Not the same old thing

Green disposable tableware is really quite beautiful with a fantastic natural look. For most of us we are used to typical paper/plastic, but when someone is served on a bamboo plate or bowl there will be a good chance that they have never seen anything like it before. It really adds a special touch that your guests will definitely remember.

3) Presentation is everything!

Using eco-friendly tableware will help you step out of the box and really help you take a new spin on how your food is presented. Food and natural tableware come from the earth so why not serve one with the other.

4) Biodegradable

Other disposables sit in landfills for years filling our earth with clutter, and also producing gases that are harmful to the o zone. Using biodegradable dinnerware helps in the break down process and helps make our earth a cleaner and healthier place.

5) Chemicals and health effects

Plastics are produced with harmful chemicals that are bad for our health green dinnerware is 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about your health or any chemicals while using it.

There are plenty of other reasons why eco-friendly plates, bowls, cups, straws and other tableware rockMake sure to check out http://www.bioandchic.com for tons of great eco-friendly elegant dinnerware!

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