Add Some Colors To Your Halloween Party – Colorful Paper Straws

Happy Halloween everyone!

We all know that Halloween colors are orange and black. Maybe it is because pumpkins are orange – or simply because orange is the color of autumn – and because black refers to the darkness and spookiness that surrounds the holiday… Nonetheless, it is not because those two colors are synonymous with Halloween that they have to be the only colors you go for when it comes to your Halloween party!

It is time to be a little different and add some colors to your creepy and mysterious party. You may have decorated your party venue with Halloween colors and it’s great, but maybe you should think about serving happy drinks to balance the atmosphere!

What best way to do this than using some pretty, colorful and Eco-friendly straws?

straws-blogpostFirst of all, they add fun and a touch of excitement every time they are used at any event and help the party spirit. Second of all, they are a great Eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws and it always makes a difference! How are those beautiful straws so Eco-friendly? Not only they are made of paper, but they are also covered with bee’s wax and not plastic which makes them 100% compostable.

As they do not become brittle in drinks, they are the perfect original and sustainable touch to your Halloween party and you can be sure your friends and guests will appreciate the effort!

Available in Green, Red, individually wrapped or unwrapped, pick the ones you like best or get both colors to add some retro fun to your drink selection.

boat-halloweenAnd if you have some delicious candy corn you would like to display on the tables (a little orange on the table is always a good idea even though you are trying to be different) what better idea than displaying them in these beautiful and natural bamboo boats? They happen to be very Eco-friendly as well!

Have fun at your Halloween party and be safe!

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