Cocktail Plate With Glass Holder: Original And Functional

Let me guess. You are thinking about hosting a party, a wedding reception, a baby shower or maybe just having friends over for a good time and you are looking for ideas that will make your event stand out and be a hit.

When having many people over, the most important thing – after being original and fancy – is to make it as functional as possible. Yes, people will be walking around with their drink in hand and grabbing food from the buffet you are probably going to set up while trying to converse with each other. Why not try to make it easier for them by providing functional and smart tableware? What if you could find a solution that will allow your guests to walk around with food and drinks and still have a free hand to say hi to other guests? That’s right! I am talking about cocktail plates with an integrated glass holder. Elegant and stylish, it is a unique and original way to serve drinks and appetizers at any cocktail hour as it is perfect to hold your drink while you walk around with your plate.

The best feature of this plate is that as it is made of sugarcane it is 100% biodegradable and compostable! Who said that disposable plates couldn’t be very Eco-friendly?! Sugarcane is a natural material that makes microwave safe, grease resistant and Eco-friendly products – it is the perfect Eco-friendly solution for any gathering.

When it comes to glasses, you can choose to serve plastic stemmed champagne glasses, plastic stemmed wine glasses or both! 100% recyclable, they fit perfectly the great sugarcane cocktail plate and will help you give the perfect combination of what your guests need and have been waiting for!

Now that you are all set up for you next event, take a look at our other Eco-friendly and functional products at

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