Eco-Friendly Add-On: Mini Clothespins

Today we are going to talk about how to add a special touch of originality to your events and presentation with only a simple little item: the Mini Clothespin.

209BBPEG25-blogAlso called Mini Wooden Clip, it is a product that you don’t automatically think about but that everyone around loves and enjoy. They are as adorable as they are original and will definitely make a difference.

Great to add a special touch of originality, their only limit is your imagination and you can do anything with them! We thought we could give you a hand and give you a couple of ideas on how to make the best use out of those adorable Mini Clips.

Use them on our Wooden Boats or Bamboo boats, that already are very original by themselves, they look so cute on them. Add a little clothespin and it looks even better and your guest will be all about how adorable they are! You can also use them on our cool Wooden Cones and Bamboo Cones whether it is to pin tiny leafs or just to make the cones look pretty!

Another option is also to display your clothespins all over the table, it makes a create decoration and from our experience people will love to play with them and maybe even take a couple of them home.

210BJQ9-209BBPEG25Our Mini Wooden Clothespin accessory for Cones and Boats are great for finishing touches!

Now don’t worry, you also have plenty of other uses that are not food related such as pining photos, cards, invitations or notes everywhere at home or at the office. They are always a fun way to display anything and everything around you. Don’t forget that your imagination is the only limit, be creative and have fun with them!

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