Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products Ideas

It is time to start a new year and 2014 sounds promising! What are your new year’s resolutions this year? How about being more eco-friendly whenever you are having a party?

If you are wondering how to do that, don’t worry, I got your covered! One of the best and more Eco-friendly material on earth is bamboo. Fastest growing plant on the planet, Bamboo needs very little water to grow and no chemicals at all. Entirely biodegradable, bamboo is extremely popular when it comes to disposable tableware, cutlery, dishes, and so on. Not only it is not hurting the environment, but it also makes beautiful, sturdy and stylish products.

Let’s get started with plates. No matter if you are looking for square, round or rectangular plates, you can find the perfect bamboo version of it. Elegant, grease resistant and also microwaveable, bamboo plates are just as pretty as they are functional and will help you to stay Eco-friendly whenever you will have a party.


After getting bamboo tableware, you will have to get matching cutlery if you want your table to look as good as possible! Bamboo cutlery are the most elegant disposable option you can find – they look so good you will almost regret throwing them away!

Want more bamboo product ideas? How about bamboo bowls shaped like boats?!


Exotic, original and very pretty, bamboo boats are also very functional. Grease resistant, they can be used as a serving dish, food display or as plates. Available in many sizes to fit any type of food you might feel like serving, these disposable and decorative boat-shaped bowls are perfect to impress guests at any kind of event and as they are 100% biodegradable they will add to your Eco-friendly image!

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