Eco-Friendly Breakfast In Bed

As November is coming up, the weather is getting colder. Let’s not lie to ourselves, we don’t really like it and the worse part of the day is probably getting up and getting out of your warm and comfortable bed!

So whenever you, your special someone, your kids or even- why not – your best friend have a morning off, why not extend the time you or they stay in bed by having a great breakfast in bed!

210TRAYBAM-no-watermarkSome people think it can get messy but with the right products, it won’t. The first thing you have to make sure you have when preparing a breakfast in bed is a meal tray. A tray will help you easily carry the breakfast from the kitchen to the bedroom and will then help the lucky one to enjoy it without worrying about a potential mess in the bed! Now are talking about an Eco-friendly breakfast in bed and it starts with an Eco-friendly meal tray. What would be more Eco-friendly than a Bamboo Tray? Reusable yet made of Eco-friendly bamboo, the bamboo meal tray is a unique and elegant option for serving meals in an Eco-friendly way. And as it is a folding tray, it is easy to put away and store whenever you are not using it.


Now what can you display on this great bamboo meal tray? Anything you want! Get some recyclable paper cups to serve orange juice, coffee or tea and add a couple of compostable stripped straws if it makes your kids happy!


Then add one or two Eco-friendly plates with whatever you feel like serving, from fresh fruits to French toasts or even pancakes. Sugarcane plates, bamboo plates, palm leaf plates… You have many options and they are all more beautiful than the next. Just pick the one you like best!

Then just add a couple of cute mini wooden clips on the tray – just because it looks so cute and everyone loves them – and you can be sure whoever is getting breakfast in bed will be delighted!

Enjoy and don’t forget to check all of our Eco-friendly products at

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