Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups and Straws

As you might have noticed, we love to talk about our disposable plates and dishes! But somehow I feel like we don’t talk enough about our beverage options when we do have a great product line. Let me introduce our original products to you.

In our Disposable Catering Supply category, not only you can find Disposable Wooden Cups and clear Mini Cups but you can also find our amazing Disposable Paper Straws.

straws-blogpostRed Striped or green Striped, these Paper Straws can be individually wrapped and are coated with beeswax. 100% compostable, they add a touch of Eco-friendly and excitement every time they are used. They are extremely functional and perfect for every occasion, are perfect for all your parties and what’s more, they do not become brittle in drinks; unlike traditional paper straws, the bees’ wax in this line prevents the straws from unraveling mid use.

These retro-inspired paper and bees’ wax straws give end-users a good dose of nostalgia while remaining green, Eco-friendly and most importantly, practical. Get rid of the not so great plastic straws and go green!

blog-cupsWhat about our cups I was talking about? From our Brown Coffee Cup to our elegant Clear Square Cup that you can use as a Mini Tasting Dish, our disposable cups are great for personal use and catering events. You can also get perforated cardboard mini holders to display your mini tasting dish and make sure they are securely transported and displayed.  Eco-friendly and biodegradable for the most part (besides the plastic ones that are recyclable) they also look great too!

Check out our other products at and make sure your party is a great and original success!

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