Eco-Friendly Disposables – Wooden Tableware

Eco-friendly disposables can be made of many different materials that all have different features. From Bamboo to Sugarcane through Palm Leaf, options are pretty diverse and it makes it easier for you to find the perfect Eco-friendly alternative to any item you may have been used to use.

wood-logoThe material we are going to talk about today is a classic yet amazing material: Wood.

Wood makes a perfect sustainable material for disposable tableware as it is renewable and biodegradable. Not only it is sturdy enough to make any kind of items, from plates to utensils, but it is also microwaveable and oven safe up to 440°F / 220°C which make it perfect for baking boxes and baking molds as well. No need to wonder how to bake cakes, muffins or bread in a fancy way anymore! Quaint & rustic, they will look amazing on tables and will delight your guests.

Very unique and beautifully natural, wooden tableware are 100% compostable as it is made of a unique, renewable and biodegradable raw material. Plates can be used with a lid for takeout or without as disposable tableware, which makes them very versatile and perfect for any occasion.

wooden-cutlery-2When it comes to wooden cutlery that includes easy fork-chopsticks, mini-spoons, and cocktail forks as well as regular cutlery, they are a great economical and green alternative to plastic and are perfect for picnics, pool parties but also indoor receptions and catering events.

gift-boxWood is such a great and beautiful material that pretty much everything can be made out of it and wooden products also make great gift boxes for wedding and party favors. Take a look at this cute little round wooden box and try to tell me you wouldn’t want to get one of those at the next wedding you’ll be invited to!

Wood has been used for a long time in the disposable tableware world and is yet still trendy and innovative.

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