Eco-Friendly Plates: How To Choose

When it comes to the use of disposable plates – and let’s be honest, we’ve all been to events where reusable plates would be too complicated to use, what makes disposable ones so attractive – a lot of people feel remorse and they shouldn’t!


Now if you want to know what kind of materials are Eco-friendly, here’s something that will help you out a little bit. They need to be either biodegradable or compostable. Not all disposable plates are bad for the environment, you just have to look for the Eco-friendly ones and believe me options are various. How do you know if disposable plates are Eco-friendly or not? It’s easy, you just have to know what material they are made from! If the material used is Eco-friendly, you are good to go and can use the plates shamelessly because they won’t hurt the environment.

So what can you choose from?
plate-materialsBamboo plates and Wood plates are both 100% natural and biodegradable. Microwaveable, they can be used for pretty much anything and look very natural and nice.

Palm Leaf plates and Sugarcane plate on the other hand are not only biodegradable but also compostable. Compostable products are very similar to biodegradable products besides the fact that when they break down they turn into fertilizer, which provides nutrients to the soil.

Each material has its own features and very different and distinct looks which makes it easier for you to pick to one that you like most or that would best fit your needs. Most importantly, they will all add a green touch to your table and your party and you can be sure that your guest will appreciate the difference. No matter what kind of event or party you are hosting, you can choose the easy way by getting disposables and still be Eco-friendly!

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