Fall Entertaining: Small Bites On Spoons Pack Big Flavor

apples-bioandchic-fall      Fall is here and so is the season for entertaining! The leaves are beginning to change colors, the temperatures are already starting to drop, and the days will soon start to get shorter than the nights. We are moving our parties indoors, candlelight is replacing daylight, and we begin to crave foods and company that comfort.


Farmers markets are overflowing with bushels of crisp apples, eggplants and potatoes, and so many other fall foods that inspire us to think about interesting menus and new ways to serve them.

This year, one of the biggest trends in entertaining – from big weddings to small parties at home – is a menu made up of mini-portions. “By-the-bite” menus may appear to contradict our cooler weather cravings for hearty meals and comfort foods, but chefs have found a lot of creative ways to pack a lot of punch into spoon-sized portions that make a big impression. For people who don’t want a formal seated dinner, serving a meal of foods on spoons can offer what amounts to a full meal, only in smaller bites.

Some restaurant chefs serve amuse bouche (literally means happy mouth in French) on spoons and go way out-of-the-box with their whimsical presentations.


There are several advantages to planning a menu made of “mini’s:

Variety – when serving small portions you can offer a bigger variety of foods, satisfying the different dietary tastes of all your guests. Every flavor and ethnic inspiration can also fit into the menu.

Presentation – by altering the portion size, you can be more fun and creative with your presentation style.

Saves Money – appetizers and small portions tend to be less expensive to produce than traditional main courses. You may even be able to skip the cost of renting any dishes at all. Instead, try uniquely shaped spoons presented on stylish serving trays.

Saves Time – spoon-sized portions can often be prepared in advance, making it easier for chefs when entertaining large numbers.

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We would love to hear (and see) how you are using spoons to present your food. Photos and comments can be sent to contact@packnwood.com. And we would love to share your images on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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