Food Cones: An Original Food Presentation

This time of the year is a time for parties, friends’ gatherings and family reunions. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… By the end of the year you might be running out of original ideas on how to serve your guests. No worries! Here’s a little help.

conesLet me ask you something. How often have you eaten something – anything – out of a cone? And I’m not talking about an ice-cream cone or any edible cone, I am talking about cones made of bamboo leaf or wood! Probably not that often, and it is the same for your future guests so why not surprise them and prepare a whole buffet of various delicious food items served in cones of different sizes?

With a couple of cone holders displaying many cones filled with delicious appetizers or desserts, you can create a mouth-watering buffet with stylish and Eco-friendly items.

Compostable and biodegradable, cones are a new and exciting way to display food at any of your events and they come in different size to accommodate to any type of food you would like to serve.

Cone-holdersBy choosing to serve your food with these pretty cones you make sure to be different from everything your guests have seen in the past while being 100% Eco-friendly. Fun easy, functional, green and original… What else can you ask for?!

Still wondering what type of food can be eaten out of a cone? It could be anything! Fries, pasta, tapas, sushi or even desserts… Your imagination is the only limit! And you want to serve things such as fruit salads or ice cream you can choose to use the leak proof crystal cones that also fit all of the cone holders. See, no matter what kind of food you are serving, there is a cone for you!

The best part about the cone displays is that they are 100% made of Eco-friendly bamboo and they are also reusable, so the fun won’t stop after one night!

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