How To Dress Your Christmas Table

One week left until Christmas! Christmas means you will more than likely spend time with your family, friends or co-workers around the table, eating delicious food and share some wonderful moments and memories. You will probably attend many parties and maybe also host one and as the big day is coming up everyone feels the stress of getting everything ready on time.

If you are the one hosting, you have many things to think about such as how to decorate your Christmas table, what kind of tableware to use or how to try and stay as green as possible while avoiding chores whenever possible.

209BBNAKLet’s get started with the table! The best way to have a beautiful and classy table is to focus on using a simple color scheme with only two different colors. You can choose red and gold, silver and green, gold and blue… Anything that you think would look good! Not only having 2 simple colors will look much fancier, but it will also be a lot easier for you to pick decorations. You can dress the table with candles of the colors you picked and add a centerpiece to enhance the festive atmosphere. To add a personal touch, use those cute little card holders to point out to your guests where to sit.

After decorations, you have to think about what tableware to use. Disposables mean no washing up after dinner which is always good news for whoever is hosting the party. It is however important to choose disposable made of renewable and eco-friendly material if you want to stay as green as possible!

ambiance-bio&chicIf you are going for a classy table, sugarcane plates are ideal. Square – always fancier than round plates – white and very economical, they will not disappoint you. But you can also choose to have a more natural and rustic looking table by using bamboo plates or palm leaf plates. Very eco-friendly as well, they always add a special touch to your table.

Disposable tableware allow you to fully enjoy your party and not to worry about cleaning up when it is over. Hosting a Christmas party can be stressful enough, avoiding cleaning duties is always appreciated!

Enjoy your Christmas party and have fun decorating your table! After all, we only celebrate Christmas once a year!

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