Host a Safe an Eco-Friendly Pool Party

As you are aware, summer is here and depending on where you are the weather has been pretty intense. What is the first thing you thing about during your summer holidays? That’s right, pool parties! When it’s hot and humid outside, the best option is still to gather your friends and enjoy your swimming pool with a buffet and a couple of cold drinks.

But you need to be aware that using the wrong plates can be very dangerous. Pool parties imply no shoes which mean if someone breaks a glass or a plate someone else might get hurt. With this problem comes a very simple solution: disposable tableware. But it is still important to respect the environment and be Eco-friendly.

palmleaf-blogOne of the most Eco-friendly materials used for disposables is Palm Leaf. Elegant and eco-friendly bowls and plates can be made just by collecting the sheaths of a palm tree, which naturally dry, fall, and regenerate all on their own. Palm sheathes are always cleaned in fresh spring water, and the remains are totally renewable. The best part is that not a single tree is ever cut down and that the products are 100% compostable!


They definitely bring an upscale tropical feel to any event and are therefore perfect for outdoor events and pool side service. Microwavable, oven safe and leak proof, you can use them for any kind of food.

My personal favorite is the Palm Leaf compartment plate, perfect to serve tapas to all your friends around your pool. Just picture it!

straws-blogpostNow, on to the drinks. Of course you want to avoid glass as a material but this is not the only thing you have to think about. You are trying to be Eco-friendly, remember? And when I think about outdoor parties, I think about straws all over the floor and they are so bad for the earth. Not if you know which one to use though! Compostable paper straws are definitely the best option you can find. Eco-friendly, fun, colorful and very practical they don’t become brittle in drinks and will definitely add a special touch to your pool party.

The last thing we are going to talk about is how to get your food and drinks from the kitchen to the swimming pool.


Save yourself some time and make sure your friends and guests are impressed by your serving skills with the beautiful Bamboo folding meal tray. It is a unique and elegant option for serving meals in an Eco-friendly way and is absolutely perfect for outdoor events like a pool party.

Have fun and remember to be safe!

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