How to Host an Original Party

Having a party at home isn’t hard, but making sure your party stands out from the rest can take some thought.

209BBSIMAOrganize an amazing get together with our skewer holder and cone display! Do a bit of creative catering and add a touch of green to your events with bamboo leaf cones and bamboo picks for an Eco-friendly and outstanding presentation. They will help you create original presentations, giving you and your guests’ vision of a greener future.

A green alternative to plastic, our naturally elegant cones made of wood or bamboo leaf will surprise your guests in the best way possible.

Bamboo and wooden cones are such a fun way to display candy & other food items or goodies at a party! The only limit is your imagination so it is definitely worth checking it out and think about all the great and original options you can get.

210SBAM5-cone-temaki-display-bamboo-earth-friendlyThis well-crafted and sturdy reusable bamboo displays line has been made to hold a variety of cones and whether serving a colorful tuna tartare, individual sushi rolls, French fries or any other side dish, these simple, yet refined, items will stand out at any event. No matter how many guests you are planning on having over, you can find the right cone holder option. From 3 holes to 36 holes, cone displays are all as functional as they are elegant! Reusable, cone displays are a fun and new way to serve appetizers and the cones are also all 100% biodegradable.

Let’s move on to the pick holders!

These unique displays enable beautiful hors d’oeuvres presentation, compatible with many pick varieties provides a unique display of each of the delightful shapes in line. Served on these beautiful displays, colorful cubes of cheese, bright fresh fruit or small, hot finger foods have never looked more refined or delicious. Great for passing Hors d’oeuvres and ideal for buffet presentations, upscale events & cocktails, the creative design picks brings color to any event and are perfect for cocktail parties!

Choose an original and attractive presentation for your parties and try the awesome pick and cone displays! You won’t be disappointed.

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