How To Serve Cheese In Style

What’s not to love about cheese? Great source of calcium and protein, there are so many varieties to choose from that you can never get tired of eating cheese. After all, after a bad day cheese makes everything better, right?

canada-ambiance-cheeseEven though 90% of cheeses sold and consumed in America are classified as cheddar type cheese, you can still find plenty of delicious – and more original – cheeses everywhere. Brie, Blue cheese, Gouda, goat cheese… No wonder Americans love for cheese keeps increasing! A recent study reveals that the average cheese consumption in America went from 8 pounds a year back in 1970 to 23 pounds nowadays.

How come we eat so much cheese? It’s easy. Cheese is everywhere! On pizza, in burgers, on nachos and even in salads, it is really hard to stay away from cheese and we are not about to complain about it.

As Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin – a French lawyer and politician – said, “A dinner which ends without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye”, which takes me to an important point: if you are having a dinner party and simply having friends or family over, you want to serve cheese at the end of the meal, and you want to do it the French way.

What does it mean? Very simple. The cheese course is always served after the main course, before dessert or as a dessert. Serve different kind of cheeses on a platter or tray with some bread and let your guests try all of them and spread it on bread.

cheese-traysAnd if you want to be fashionable, look for the best Eco-friendly cheese display you can find. Wooden trays for instance are a great solution, as they are natural looking and 100% biodegradable. They make your cheeses look as good as they taste! If you are looking for a solution with a lid (yes, as much as we love cheese, the smell can be sometimes pretty strong) you also have plenty of choices such as samurai wood trays with lid or even recyclable plastic trays with lid.

You are now all ready to serve cheese in a fashionable way, French style! Enjoy!

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