How To Serve Tapas

Let’s talk about Tapas. Extremely popular in Spanish cuisine and enjoyed all over the world, tapas were originally served to encouraged conversation while people were eating. Since it isn’t an entire meal, people are not as focused upon eating which makes diners and lunches more animated!

Whether you like to have people over on a regular basis or just on occasions for parties, serving tapas instead of entire meals might be a great idea to be able to keep your guest entertained while they eat and enjoy some conversations with each other. You can choose from such a wide variety of appetizers that serving tapas at your event is also a great way to make sure every single one of your guests is pleased and can find something they like.

Serving many different food items can however be a bother when it comes to cleaning the dishes and this is where disposable tableware comes in handy. But disposables can be very bad for the environment and that is why you have to be careful when choosing between the many options you may find.

Being aware of the impact your party will have on the environment is important. There are a lot of Eco-friendly materials used for disposable tableware and it still gives you plenty of choice!

The most economical option would probably be sugarcane productsCompostable and elegant, sugarcane dishes and trays are a great option to serve tapas and you can find the perfect size and the perfect shape for any appetizer you may want to go for.


Another idea is to use bamboo tablewareBiodegradablebamboo appetizers dishes add a special touch to the table and can also be found in differently shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your needs.

Last but not least, palm leaf dinnerware are another Eco-friendly and biodegradable option and can give your table the rustic and natural look many people are looking for.

Serving tapas at a party brings a totally different atmosphere and it is always better to make the most out of it by using the adapted tableware.

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