How To Throw an Eco-Friendly Halloween Party

Halloween is coming up! Are you ready to Trick-or-treat, carve pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, tell scary stories and watch horror movies?

pumpkin-light-1101123-mHalloween is definitely one of the most popular and celebrated holidays in America and I am sure you are excited about all the spooky fun you are going to have no matter what you are doing!

Hosting a Halloween party is always a lot of fun but entails a lot of work and organization and it also is a challenge if you are trying to keep the party Eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Here are a couple of very simple tips to help you host the best Eco-friendly Halloween party possible:

  1. INVITATIONS: First of all, remember than paper invitations can easily be avoided! You can either decide to call or text your guests to let them know all the details of the event or, if you really want them to have a written trace, you can go for digital invitations. It is so simple to send emails or create a Facebook event! Think about it.
  2. TRICK OR TREAT: Another simple Eco-friendly step is to give your kids reusable bags when they go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It doesn’t impact their fun and it is so much better for the environment! When it comes to the treats you will give away to kids, try to choose Eco-friendly candies. Organic chocolates, candies and lollipops are available in organic and health food stores or online and they will please little kids just as much without compromising their health!
  3. COSTUMES: Talking about trick-or-treating, you are going to have to get your children costumes and you know that kids always want new costumes every year. It is actually true for you as well! Don’t lie, choosing your new Halloween costume is always a very fun and important step! Instead of buying Halloween costumes that you will all only wear once and throw away, use your imagination and make your own Halloween costumes with what you can find by looking around your house or in thrift shops. You will save money and do something good for the earth! You can also just trade with friends so everyone can wear a different one from the one they had last year.
  4. DECORATIONS: When it comes to decorations, it is really easy to get lost and waste money by buying a lot of useless things when it is not that hard to host a party that features Eco-friendly decorations! From locally grown pesticide-free pumpkins for carving to handcrafted cardboard bats and spiders through bed sheets hanging from the ceiling or tree branches, use your imagination to decorate your venue with homemade things Not only it is best for the environment but it is also a lot of fun to make! After carving the jack-o’-lanterns, save the seeds and roast them – with a little oil and paprika – for a delicious snack to serve your guests! You can also save the pumpkin to make pies or soup.
  5. platesTABLEWARE: Hosting a Halloween party means that you will also probably be serving food – other than your pumpkin seeds snack – which makes you responsible for choosing the tableware you are going to use. Having many people over often make it difficult for reusable dishes to be used. Not only will you have to deal with accidents and broken dinnerware but you will also have to clean all the dishes afterwards when you will already have to clean everything else. Disposable tableware is most likely what you are going to use and in that case you have to be smart and responsible about it! Go for Eco-friendly biodegradable or compostable tableware in order to respect the environment. You have many options to choose from and it will not only be Eco-friendly but also look amazing depending on what you go for. From Bamboo plates to Sugarcane plates through Palm Leaf plates, you can decide to have elegant, rustic or charming tableware. Match your tableware with Eco-friendly cutlery to be irreproachable and you are good to go!
  6. AFTER THE PARTY: Don’t forget to recycle and compost your pumpkins, disposable tableware and other items!

Good luck with planning your Eco-friendly Halloween party, have fun and be safe!

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