Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

When you think about the waste that social gathering create, it makes you realize that if you are the one hosting or organizing it is kind of your responsibility to try and go “green” as much as possible.

A baby shower is an important event! It is a way to congratulate the mom-to-be and doing it in an Eco-friendly way is always a great way to do so. Not only it is the responsible thing to do but it might also motivate other moms and guests to rethink their lifestyle if they see how easy and inexpensive it is to be more careful.

In order to minimize waste as much as possible, here are a couple of tips you can follow when organizing a baby shower:

  • When it comes to invitations, try to go digital to avoid paper waste. If you really want to send actual invites, use 100% recycled paper
  • Let your guests know that you are trying to be Green and that they should skip the wrapping paper, reuse some that they already used, use newspaper, and so on.
  • Encourage them not to buy cards but to write a note inside of a cheap kid’s book for instance. They will spend about the same amount of money and it is not something that you will eventually throw away.
  • What to do about gifts? Make your registry through Eco-friendly stores such as to make it convenient for your guests to know exactly what you need and where to get an Eco-friendly version of it.

pick+displayWhat about the table? You are more likely going to serve food or appetizers and if you are looking for solutions to be Green, we’ve got you covered. To favor conviviality, go for mini appetizers easy to eat fast while having conversations with the other guests. A great idea is to use skewers and display them with pick holders. How is it Eco-friendly? Bamboo picks are 100% biodegradable! And using these beautiful and colorful skewers that will remind everyone of their childhood is the perfect way to do it.

mini-feastAnd what says “baby” better than mini dishes? Serving mini pizza and sliders in those adorable (everything is adorable when it’s tiny) mini boxes is an original way to celebrate the future baby!

If you want to bake and serve cupcakes (everyone is a kid at heart when it comes to cupcakes), use biodegradable baking cups. Not only is it the Eco-friendly way, but they also look really cute and you know it will be a hit!

Last but not least, decorate your table with objects you will be able to use later such as stuffed animals, little toys, or anything you can think of. Be creative!

Have fun and enjoy your baby shower!

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