Kick It Up A Notch: Tips for Eco-Friendly Tailgating

football-bioandchic-tailgatingFootball season is here, and if you are a football fan (or a caterer) this means tailgating season is here as well. From college football to the NFL, tailgating culture has gone extreme and the competition in parking lots has gotten fierce.  And menus today go waaay beyond burgers and dogs.

Unfortunately though, after the tailgating is over and people head into the stadiums, thousands of plastic cups, empty bottles, plates, and utensils litter the lot. The *Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that together the fans of NFL and college football games (65 million fans) generate more than 40 million pounds of trash per year.

To tackle this problem, the NFL as well as many colleges and universities across the country, are focusing on environmental issues and taking measures to make their stadiums “greener.”

Encouraging pregame partiers to use greener products and implementing ways for tailgaters to recycle are just a couple of ways to lessen the environmental impact.  Many universities, such as the University of Southern California, have initiated Zero Waste Tailgate programs.

Here Are 6  Easy **Green Tailgating Tips:

Choose eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable utensils, plates, and cups. A few examples include bamboo plates, cornstarch or wooden cutlery, sugarcane bowls, and paper cups. 

For on-site grilling, choose all natural briquettes made from environmentally friendly wood sources and renewable plant wastes like coconut husks. If grilling food on skewers, choose biodegradable bamboo or wood.

Create menus that use local, seasonal ingredients — there are so many delicious options in the Fall.

Prepare dishes ahead of time when possible, and transport in eco-friendly containers. Bio & Chic offers recyclable round paper buckets (click here).

By in bulk whenever possible, and avoid “snack” sizes to reduce packaging.

To reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, use recycle and compost bins accordingly. All bottles, cans, cardboard, paper and plastic with #1-7 can be recycled.

Eco-friendly tailgating is made easy with Bio & Chic’s disposable takeout and tableware collection. To see the full collection, click here!

PLUS, for some tailgating recipes, click here.


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