Bamboo Disposable Dinnerware


eco-friendly cooking

Eco-friendly cooking with Bamboo

When it comes to Eco-friendly disposable tableware, many materials are used. From Palm Leaf to Wood through Sugar Cane, the possibilities are diverse and all have great features!

What about Bamboo? Many of you think Bamboo is a tree but it’s actually a form of grass that produces woody stalks that has very high fiber content and is stronger than oak!

It is well-known that ancient civilizations were using Bamboo to build edifices for instance! Not only Bamboo products look awesome and beautifully unique but they also are entirely compostable and biodegradable.

Available in many styles and sizes, Bamboo tableware make perfect sustainable party supplies for upscale receptions or catering events. They add a touch of originality to your receptions and you can be sure that your guest will appreciate the elegance of such fancy products!

Want an example of original Bamboo products? Take a look at this awesome Bamboo Skewer Holder! It makes a great way to serve appetizers and hors d’oeuvres and will surprise your guest in the best way possible!

No matter what kind of tableware you need, it can be made of Bamboo. Bamboo plates, Bamboo bowls, or Bamboo trays, just name it! They are all disposable and super trendy and make perfect Eco-friendly party supplies, whether it is wedding, a bridal shower or a catering event.


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