Mini Bamboo Salt and Pepper Shakers

Are you looking for a new and exciting touch to your buffet, cocktail party or catering event? Are you hoping to find a cute way to make your wedding look different and original? Or are you just searching for adorable gifts or favors ideas that would make you unforgettable?

Search no longer!

Part of our great and elegant Bamboo Cutlery collections, these unique mini salt and pepper shakers are already pre-filled with salt and pepper for your convenience and are ready to use. Just peel-off the little sticker and you are good to go!


What makes them so great? Well first of all they are made of natural Bamboo. Even though most people assume that Bamboo is a tree, it is actually a form of grass that produces woody stalks that has very high fiber content, making it stronger than oak.  Growing as large as 24 inches every day, Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, only needs very little water to grow and absolutely zero chemicals. All of this makes Bamboo 100% compostable and biodegradable and has made this material becoming extremely popular.

These adorable mini salt and pepper sets add a unique and special touch to any event and their natural and modern design makes them very suitable for all types of receptions, dinners and parties. They are also perfect for picnics and hotel room services.

210CVBAK3-no-watermarkAdding a unique touch to any food that they are served with, the mini salt and pepper shakers match perfectly mini bamboo appetizer dishes and bamboo cutlery sets and will give your event this special touch that everyone is hoping for.

Because they are disposable, they also are very easy to transport in any situation and you soon won’t be able to do without them!

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