Mini Cup Holder

Every fancy reception or dinner party features appetizers and the whole challenge is to do it in the best way possible. Not only you want to be generic but you also want your guests and friends to remember you and your event! 210MBCAL4127When having people over, it is important to think about functionality and convenience and the way you handle your buffet will determine your party’s success. You want your guests to be able to have a great time, walk around and still enjoy some mise-en-bouche while talking to other people. If you are hosting such a reception, you will more than likely serve some of your appetizers in mini cups. Not only it looks great and it is fancy, but it is also easy to display if you use mini cups holders. What is so great about these cup holders? Not only it is a great secure way to house your mini’s and elegantly display them but it also makes it really easy to transport and serve your creations. Made of cardboard, they also are 100% Eco-friendly and fit many different mini cups. From square mini cups to round mini cups, possibilities are endless and there is no way you can go wrong with it. They will make your life easier as far as transportation and serving and they will definitely add a special touch to your table as they are fancy and elegant. mini-cups And when it comes to the 24 hole mini holder tray, it even comes in a box with window cover that makes it a no worry way to transport your delicate creations. Great presentation, secured transportation and easy serving… What else can you need for your reception? And if you need more ideas for your buffets and receptions, take a look at all our Eco-friendly products at

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