Mini Dishes: Perfect For Catering Events

A great upscale way to serve food and appetizers and your parties and receptions is to use mini dishes. How is it so great, and what am I exactly talking about? That’s what I’m about to get into!

210BCHICDROPPlates and platters, even though they are very convenient and can be extremely elegant, are pretty generic at catering events and if you want to stand out and make a difference you should definitely consider using mini dishes. Want to serve food bites, sampling or appetizers? Your guests will love how easy it is to just grab one of those mini cups, tasting spoons or mini dishes and be able to still enjoy a great conversation with other guests. Not only the options and possibilities are very wide, but each one of them will highlight your table and add that special touch everyone is looking for.

And the best part is that it is really to stay Eco-friendly even though mini dishes are disposable! Just go for recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials and you’re good to go. Now you might be wondering how to choose between all the options you have and here’s something that might help a little bit.

If you are just looking for original ways to display food, your best bet would probably to go for appetizers mini dishes such as mini plates and classic mini dishes. They will add a special and Eco-friendly touch to your events.

If you are more looking for a transportable solution or for something that could hold more liquid food such as verrines, you could go for mini dishes with lids such as those cute mini cups that are as functional as they are elegant.


And finally if you are planning on serving food bites you also have the option to use some of the many tasting spoons you can find! Great for food sampling they come in many Eco-friendly materials.

Mini dishes are simply the perfect way to serve mini appetizers or offer a sample taste of a new dish. You will love them and so will your guests.

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