New Dessert Trends: From Cupcakes to Macaroons

We all know it, cupcakes are very popular in the US. Everyone loves them! With many flavors, designs, and sizes, cupcakes have been people’s favorite dessert for the longest time!

But as you might know, there has been a new trend around for a couple of years… Macaroons. Those little French sandwich cookies – not to be confused with the American coconut macaroons – are winning over more and more people and are getting more and more popular! Many people think that macaroons are the “new cupcakes”.

It is almost like we are witnessing a war between cupcakes and macaroons.

When the famous Parisian macaroon shop La Durée opened in New York in 2011, people went crazy for it! And now the competition level for the best macaroons seems to be pretty high.

bacon-macaroonsWhat makes macaroons so fascinating? Well I could say that it’s because of how delicious they are, how hard to successfully bake they seem, or how beautiful and original they look but I think it is actually all the different options that people love. So many tastes available! From chocolate to raspberry through lemon, coffee or caramel, you can be sure to find something you’ll love. The Macaroons Parlour even offers bacon macaroons and cheetos macaroons!

But as you probably know, macaroons are pretty hard to make and they are also very delicate. And that’s why it is so important to protect them and get an adapted packaging to make sure they will still look as beautiful as they do in the first place.

ambiance macarons

Luckily, we can help you with that! Our macaroon packaging options are very diverse and look just as beautiful as those tiny French sandwiches that everyone is so fond of. Whether you are looking for a wooden box or a kray box, we’ve got you covered. And most importantly, they are all as Eco-friendly as beautiful! Just remember how important it is to protect your beautiful delicate creations and just look for the display you like the most.

The macaroon trend has become very big and it is not ready to fade anytime soon, so make sure you are ready for it!

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