Original And Eco-Friendly Food Cone Display

No, those pretty cones are not edible ice-cream cones even if they do look like it!

conesMeet the natural and Eco-friendly Bamboo Cones and Wooden Cones. Beautifully shaped in cone or seashell, they know how to catch attention and inevitably make an impression on everyone who get to see and use them.

Let’s say you’re having a wedding reception, a bridal shower or any type of party and you want it to be unforgettable. The best way to make sure your guests and friends will never forget your party is to make sure to be different from everything they have seen or been to!

Have you ever eaten out of a Bamboo Cone? Probably not, and if you have I’m sure you remember it!

From food sampling to appetizers, their different sizes make them perfect for all types of food and they are also grease resistant.

cone-holders-blogNot only they have a natural and elegant look but they are also 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes them the perfect Eco-friendly option and are sure to make a hit at any Eco-friendly event. And to make everything even cooler, they can be displayed with those amazing bamboo cone holders! From 3 to 36 holes, they look awesome on the table and they are a new and exciting way to display food. They fit all of our wooden cones and bamboo cones and they also fit our classy Crystal Cone Cup if you are trying to go for a more design and less natural look.

clothespinAnd if you are still looking for additional original ideas for your cones, check out these adorable Mini Wooden Clip. You can use them to hold labels and let your guests know what they are about to taste or simply to decorate your cones! Free your imagination and your party will be unforgettable!

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