Original Gift Ideas And Packaging Solutions

You and I both know that the opportunities to offer gifts are endless. Whether you are going to a wedding, a dinner party or a birthday party, you can’t arrive empty-handed which means you have to think about what kind of present you want to get your hosts and how you want to package it.

macaroon-cupcakesThe easiest way to please your hosts is of course to go for the chocolate box. Classic and always enjoyable, it is not something you can go wrong with. But you can also choose to innovate and for instance get them a macaroon or cupcake box! Macaroon boxes are all more beautiful than the other and you can find them in different shapes and colors to make sure to delight your hosts. Same for cupcakes boxes that looks so pretty you don’t even need to wrap them in anything to make them look like gifts. And the best part about macaroon boxes and cupcake boxes is that you can also choose to use them to package your homemade macaroon and cupcakes for a more personalized gift!

baking-moldsStill looking for other ideas? How about baking your own cookies or bread? And with Halloween coming up you might as well decide to make pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies. Interested in knowing how to bake delicious pumpkin bread? Check out Betty Croker’s recipe and you’ll see that it isn’t that complicated! You can bake them in those beautiful wooden baking mold with heart shaped corners and offer them that way. It looks pretty and rustic and your host will love them! And if you are more into cookies, no worries, she also has a great pumpkin cookie recipe to share with you and you can also package them in the same baking molds for a natural and charming presentation.

210KRAYB135-small-sizeLast but not least, if you are looking for a closed box for your yummy creations, you can always choose these cute Kray boxes that allows people to see what you made and brought!

So many options, I’m sure you can’t wait for your next opportunity to bring a gift somewhere!


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