Palm Leaf Tableware

Palm Leaf TablewareEco-Friendly as Eco-Friendly gets! New at BioandChic this week is the Earth saving Palm Leaf Tableware. With so many different styles and types to choose from you’re sure to find something that works for you. Whether it is a Green event or a Hawaiian Luau with friends. Everyone is going to want to know where you got these incredibly unique and beautifully put together dishes. Besides how great palm leaf looks, it is also one of the best disposable options you can use. Palm Leaf has a very small footprint on the earth’s environment. No trees or plants are harmed because the leaves are collected after falling from the tree. After the leaves are collected they are sanitized then put into a press to form the shape of the desired piece of tableware. One might think that a palm leaf wouldn’t make a very strong plate or bowl, but it’s quite the opposite these dishes make great sturdy tableware!

Eco-Friendly Triangle Palm Leaf Serving PlateOne of my favorites in the Palm Leaf Collection is the Triangle Serving Plate (Pictured to the right). It is not often you are served with a Palm Leaf Dish, but to be served with a triangle dish is really an eye catcher! It’s up to you what type of delicious food you will be serving on this wonderful tray, but the options are endless. With so many options of Palm Leaf Bowls, Plates, and Serving dishes it might be hard to pick!

Check out all of the Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Tableware Collection and be the life of the next party!

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