Sugarcane: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Foam

With the proposed ban on polystyrene foam food service products in New York in June 2013, more and more people and businesses are considering changing to a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to disposable tableware. If you are organizing a party, a wedding, or a business buffet, you will have to choose what kind of disposable you want to use and you might not take the time to think it through and just go for the cheapest option. This is why we are going to explain briefly why the city council submitted such a law and what the issues are with foam food container.

Made out of polystyrene foam, foam container can last for thousand years if they break up into small beads after being in the water for a long time. Not biodegradable or compostable, it has an impact on the environment as it is rarely recycled and expensive to clean.

It is also debated that foam poses health issues as it drains styrene when in contact with heat or grease. Styrene would also possibly migrates into the food stored in foam food containers for even a small amount of time. Nothing has really been proved but it is something researchers have been talking about.

Some cities such as San Francisco and San Jose in California and Portland in Oregon already have passed the ban of foam takeout containers but many businesses have opposed the law in New York so far.

But no matter if the law passes or not, foam is obviously not the best disposables material choice and you have the opportunity to be ahead of the ban and make more Eco friendly choices starting now!

sugarcane-platesA great economical and Eco-friendly alternative to foam is sugarcane. 100% biodegradable and compostable, it is the perfect option to get rid of foam disposables! Not only they are great for the environment but let’s be real, they also look amazing and very elegant while foam looks very cheap. It is another way to give your guests a great impression!

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