Sugarcane: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic Disposables

Ecological consciousness and awareness is growing more and more every day and society is trying harder to make positive changes in their everyday life actions.

Let’s say you are having a party, a reception or even just some people over for a special occasion. You need disposable tableware because you won’t have the time / the energy to deal with reusable dinnerware, and it is ok! Disposables are not necessarily bad for the environment, you just have to look into it and pick the right materials.

SugarcaneAnd guess what, the new Eco-friendly upscale alternative to plastic tableware is Sugarcane! Also called Pulp or Bagasse, sugarcane comes from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest and is a 100% compostable and biodegradable material.

Not only Sugarcane is one of the most Eco-friendly material used for disposable tableware, but it is also grease resistant and microwaveable which makes it the perfect option for an easy organization and event management. Suitable for both hot and cold food, sugarcane plates are perfect for any type of food, from appetizers to desserts.


Conform to norm EN13432 of the European Biodegradability Standard, sugarcane is definitely the best Eco-friendly alternative to paper plates and plastic plates and their white design also makes them very elegant and stylish. And what’s more, sugarcane is also very economical! See, you found an Eco-friendly, economical stylish solution to your disposable tableware needs. What else could you ask for!

But sugarcane plates are not the only made of sugarcane items you can find. Sugarcane fiber is also used to make Sugarcane Trays, Sugarcane Bowls and even Sugarcane Mini Dishes! Unique and original, sugarcane disposables are the best “green” economical option you can go for.

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