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Easy Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

Chicago Winter Storm 2015 While Arctic blasts here in the Northeast continue to bring wintry mixes of rain, sleet, ice and snow, it’s hard not to long for sunny skies, warm weather, bare feet, and summery berry pies.

There’s scientific evidence that shows that most people’s moods dip when the weather turns cold get a girlfriend. According to a study done at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, most people are more depressed, hostile, angry, irritable and anxious in the winter months than in summer.

Researchers at University of Michigan found that the optimal outdoor temperature for a good mood is 72 degrees, with mood decreasing if temperatures become significantly higher or lower. These researchers further found that people must spend at least 30 minutes outside in nice weather for their mood to actually increase (staying indoors on a warm sunny day has also been proven to increase depression and irritability) flexpetz.com.

A lot of people suggest eating more Vitamin D (studies say this helps), getting a light box to elevate their mood, getting enough sleep and exercise, taking up a winter sport like skiing or skating to ease the duldrums, or doing yoga. Escaping to a warm destination is another quick fix to beating the winter blues. But for those that can’t escape to a sunny place, indulging in summer activities might just be the answer to surviving (and enjoying) the rest of winter. Whether you plan on taking a trip or just enrolling in some activity you can apply at citrus north today and get some good financial advice on how to go about achieving your goal.

Here are some simple suggestions that you can do that go beyond what the “experts” suggest:

  • Keep the summer spirit alive by listening to summer music. Click here for a great summer playlist by DJ Qool Marv.
  • Eat ice cream. Don’t neglect ice cream just because it’s freezing outside. There are plenty of ways to enjoy ice cream in the winter — with pie, a top a freshly baked cookie, with hot chocolate. Click here for some winter ice cream recipes. And here to see Bio & Chic’s wooden ice cream spoon.
  • Treat yourself to a massage. It boosts your immune system, leaves you feeling relaxed and relieves stress, and the heated pad on the table and hot towels warm cold, rigid muscles.
  • Watch a classic summer movie. Click here for a list of 21 classics from Jaws to The Seven Year Itch. Enjoy popcorn in a bamboo leaf cone.
  • You don’t need to actually be on the beach to get swept away in one of last summer’s “best summer reads”. Click here for “The Best Summer Reads of 2014” from The Reading Room. Or, click here for a 2014 summer reading list from Time magazine.

Only 40 days left until Spring!

Be on the lookout for Bio & Chic’s new Kraft To-Go Containers, expanded Street Food Collection, and other new products.


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Bake to Make A Difference

file5451310599949Who doesn’t love a bake sale?!  A spontaneous homemade treat, and guilt-free because it that usually supports a good cause!

Bake Sales, one of the most sacred traditions of the American school system, now go far beyond schoolyards and soccer games. A favored type of fundraiser for its simplicity AND for its potential to raise A LOT of money for your cause.

In addition to schoolyard and community center sales, bake sales have gone nationwide, even worldwide, as ways to raise money for good causes, from hurricane relief to helping end childhood hunger (read more about Share Our Strength’s Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry). Cookies for Kids Cancer is a non-profit organization that all began when founder Gretchen Witt had her first bake sale to raise money for pediatric cancer. She baked and sold 96,000 cookies and raised more than $400,000 for research. Today, hosting grassroots Cookies for Kids bake sales are one of the major ways that individuals, businesses and organizations continue to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. For great bake sale tips, photos, inspiration and delicious recipes, see Gretchen’s Best Bake Sale Cookbook.

Here are a few things to think about when having any bake sale, big or small : 1. find a great location where there’s a lot of foot traffic, 2. recruit volunteers early to bring food, tables, napkins, signs, and to promote the sale, and 3. package-to-sell and great presentation.

Packaging-to-sell — this saves a lot of set-up time. It also eliminates any sanitation issues people might worry about.  But most importantly, packaging-to-sell gives you the opportunity to present your food creatively and professionally.

Presentation is probably the MOST important factor in a successful bake sale medical cannabis. Think about setting up your tables by price point — for example $1, $3, $6, or $12. Or, maybe you can divide the goods into categories like cookies & brownies, cake pops & fudge, cakes & pies, cupcakes & muffins. Especially if you get a crowd, the way you set up the table can help you sell more quickly.

cupcake-cups-no-watermarkYou can sell goods by the piece or in larger packs. If you are selling individual items, think about putting them in fun flower-shaped eco-friendly baking cups, or simple Kray boxes with window lids, wood baking molds, or bright colored recyclable cupcake boxes.  Presentations like these quickly impress! Plus, the nicer the presentation, the more likely it is that people will buy (more) items to give as gifts.

If you are packaging your sweets in largermacaroon-cupcakes quantities you can get a little fancier with your presentations. The nicer the presentation, the more you can charge and the more you can make for your cause. At Bio & Chic, our assortment of recyclable containers and packaging pretty much covers all the bases!

Great packaging really can make your bake SALE table look more like a bake SHOP!

Click here to see Bio & Chic’s complete line.

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Food Cones: An Original Food Presentation

This time of the year is a time for parties, friends’ gatherings and family reunions. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… By the end of the year you might be running out of original ideas on how to serve your guests. No worries! Here’s a little help.

conesLet me ask you something. How often have you eaten something – anything – out of a cone? And I’m not talking about an ice-cream cone or any edible cone, I am talking about cones made of bamboo leaf or wood! Probably not that often, and it is the same for your future guests so why not surprise them and prepare a whole buffet of various delicious food items served in cones of different sizes?

With a couple of cone holders displaying many cones filled with delicious appetizers or desserts, you can create a mouth-watering buffet with stylish and Eco-friendly items.

Compostable and biodegradable, cones are a new and exciting way to display food at any of your events and they come in different size to accommodate to any type of food you would like to serve.

Cone-holdersBy choosing to serve your food with these pretty cones you make sure to be different from everything your guests have seen in the past while being 100% Eco-friendly. Fun easy, functional, green and original… What else can you ask for?!

Still wondering what type of food can be eaten out of a cone? It could be anything! Fries, pasta, tapas, sushi or even desserts… Your imagination is the only limit! And you want to serve things such as fruit salads or ice cream you can choose to use the leak proof crystal cones that also fit all of the cone holders. See, no matter what kind of food you are serving, there is a cone for you!

The best part about the cone displays is that they are 100% made of Eco-friendly bamboo and they are also reusable, so the fun won’t stop after one night!

Check out all of our Bamboo Cone Displays at www.bioanchic.com as well as all of our other Eco-friendly products. 

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