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Buffet Display: Bamboo Dim Sum Steamer

blogdimsumDo you know what Dim Sum is? Let me quickly clear that up for you! It refers to a type of Cantonese food served in Bamboo Steamers. Individual or bite-sized portions handmade by “Shi Fu” – chef in Chinese – these Chinese goodies come in a variety of fillings and are a treat for both eyes and palate.

The most common Dim Sum is called dumpling and is made of different ingredients (from meat, prawn and vegetables) wrapped in a translucent rice flour skin. Typically served with tea, Dim Sum are perfect traditional Chinese treats.

As I said earlier, Dim Sum are cooked and served in bamboo steamers. Cooking with a bamboo steamer is very easy. They provide healthier cooking and allow you to cook different food items at the same time by separating them as they are stackable. Not only they are inexpensive but also look amazing on the table and we all know that presentation is extremely important whether the catering event is casual or professional.

blog-dimsum1What else is so great about these bamboo steamers? They can be used for much more than serving Dim Sum! Great to steam vegetables, seafood or even rice, they can also be used just for presentation and make a stunning effect at any buffet and party. Very convenient for transportation, Bamboo steamer are also very Eco-friendly as Bamboo is one of the most Eco-friendly material on earth.

But that’s not all!

Not only Bamboo steamer are of course perfect to cook and serve food, but you can also find many other uses for them if you use your imagination such as decorating items!

Take a look at this tutorial that explains you out to turn your bamboo steamer into an oriental looking flower pot. How great would that look on your Christmas dinner table for instance?

And talking about the Holidays, you can also make your own little lanterns with the same Dim Sum steamer and decorate your house to make it cozy for snow days! Check out this tutorial about how to turn your steamer into a beautiful circus carousel lantern.

See, so many things can be made/cooked/transported with these amazing Bamboo steamers! Check them out at www.bioandchic.com as well as all of our other Eco-friendly products.  

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