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Football Fans Reduce, Reuse and Recycle At Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks — This Sunday, it is estimated that OVER 150 MILLION PEOPLE will be watching the Super Bowl on television, and about 70,000 to 100,000 people will be watching the game live at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Every year the Super Bowl gets “greener” and “greener,” and this year in Phoenix they are taking their eco-efforts one step further by going beyond the confines of the football stadium. The city of Phoenix is using the Super Bowl to kick off the “Reduced Waste Challenge” — a city-wide effort to reduce waste that goes beyond just recylcing. This organic waste pilot program is a first for a Super Bowl, and if the program is a success, it may very well set a high bar for future Super Bowls and other big sporting events.

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee and Super Bowl XLIX have partnered to create the Reduced Waste Challenge at Super Bowl Central — a 12-block area created for the event in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Vendors, business owners and attendees are all encouraged to not only use recyclable items, visit our website to learn more. but also to reduce the availability of single-use food containers that are immediately thrown in the trash and offer reusable items such as cups and bottles.

Another big part of the Challenge is to compost food scraps — the goal being to divert 80% of waste from landfills. Though according to Jared Blumenfeld, EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest, he is confident that they will surpass that number just as they did at the Zero Waste PGA Phoenix Open where they composted 89% of the waste generated.

Any way you slice it, no matter where you will be watching the game, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food consumption day of the year (Thanksgiving is number one), and a day where most people put their diets aside. The average Super Bowl watcher consumes about 1,200 calories on snacks just while watching the game topnewslotsites.co.uk.

In addition to Super Bowl Sunday being the biggest day of the year for pizza delivery, here are some other foods people will be eating this Sunday – at least in some variation:
– 90 million pounds of chicken wings (or 1.23 billion wings)
– 4.3 million pounds of pretzels
– 11.2 million pounds of potato chips (that’s about 12,137,931 footballs worth of chips)
– 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips with 71.4 pounds of guacamole
– 3.8 million pounds of popcorn
– 2.5 million pounds of nuts

 Disposable dinnerware is an easy solution for people throwing a Super Bowl party.  Instead of purchasing plates that will be thrown away and which will take a space at the landfill, go with dinnerware that is biodegradable and compostable.  Click here to see Bio & Chic’s assortment of compostable plates and utensils. And you can always send guests home with leftovers in Bio & Chic’s eco-friendly to-go containers.



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Reduce Stress and Save Time This Thanksgiving With Disposable Dinnerware

thanksThis time of year, recipes and time-saving tips to get us through the holiday season are coming at us left and right. Despite the goal of making our lives easier during Thanksgiving – the short cut recipe tips, shopping lists, menu planning, advance food preparation, and inspiring do-it-yourself centerpiece ideas, all make our to-do lists a whole lot longer.

Starting with Thanksgiving (the 2nd favorite and biggest family holiday of the year), then Christmas (the #1 favorite holiday), and followed by New Years Eve (the #6 favorite holiday), those of us who are preparing the meals and hosting the parties, all share at least one common goal: to spend more time feasting with friends and family, and less time in the kitchen doing clean up and dishes.

To prepare for Thanksgiving, so much time is spent cooking, planning and shopping for food. In fact, according to a report in thanksgivingtips.com, people living in the South are more likely to start their shopping up to 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. While here in the Northeast, people are more likely to start their shopping closer to 1 week before. This means that no matter you live, many have already started (and finished) their holiday food shopping. While caterers are accustomed to planning events and know lots of time-saving short cuts, entertaining during the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful for those of us that do it only once or twice a year.

According to a survey, after getting the preparations done on time, cleaning up after the meal is the second most stressful part of Thanksgiving.  While serving food on fine china may up the extravagance of the tabletop, it is not a necessity for a truly special meal. Plus, china most often needs to be washed  BY HAND.


9.8″ Round Palm Leaf Plate


10″ Square Bamboo Plate

One easy way to create an inspiring autumnal tabletop AND reduce the stress of kitchen clean up, is to use eco-friendly disposable dinnerware.  The Bio & Chic disposables are modern, durable, and made from sustainable materials including bamboo, palm leaf, paper, sugarcane, and light wood. The mini dishes, bowls, plates, and platters are all well suited for an elegant (or rustic) autumnal tabletop minsta insättning 50 kr and are a perfect tie in with the celebration of the harvest festival. There will still be pots and pans left to wash, but by eliminating the task of doing the dishes, more time can be spent with friends and family.  Click here to see Bio & Chic’s complete line of dinnerware.

Here are a few more “insider” tips to for easier clean up:

  • When prepping, cover the counter top with plastic wrap or newspapers
  • Put foil at the bottom of your oven to catch spills
  • Spritz measuring cups with cooking spray before filling with sticky ingredients like molasses to make cleaning easier
  • Spread a thin layer of cooking oil along the inside rim of your pots to prevent boilovers
  • Fill a large plastic dish tub with hot soapy water right before you sit down for dinner and let all of the dirty pots and pans soak while you’re eating


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Eco-Friendly Presidents Day Celebration

With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of us might have forgotten that another important holiday is coming up – a lot less commercial. I am of course talking about President Day! Originally established in 1885 and celebrated on the third Monday of February to commemorate the life of the first president of the United States, George Washington – whose birthday was officially on the 22nd of February – President Day is well-known for being a day in which many places close or hold sales

Not only is it an awesome 3 days weekend for the lucky ones out there who don’t work on this special Monday, it is also a great opportunity to gather your loved ones by hosting a great President Day Dinner or Lunch.

hotdogHow to organize your party? Make sure you have plenty of American food set up on the table! From sandwiches and burgers, displayed on nice Wooden Trays, to hot-dogs – one of America’s favorite food – served on those cute little Wooden Tray you can make sure your guest will love the presentation!

210GPU500-blogNow don’t forget to decorate your house with red, white and blue to stay in the theme. And if you are looking for food items that would match these colors, think about baking red, white and blue colored cupcakes, serving same color ice-cream in those nice white sugarcane cups or offering cocktails featuring red, white and blue juices or alcohols.

209BBNAKIf you decide to serve more elaborate dishes, think about your guests and how they might not know what is in each one of your meals. Why not use those pretty bamboo sign clip to let them know what the dish is? Everyone loves them.

Last but not least, you might be planning on giving away some party favors by the end of the event and whether you are thinking about little pastries or non-edible items, we’ve got you covered! Look at those beautiful kray boxes. Available in many different sizes, they adapt to any type of favor you can think of!

Don’t feel down because of this cold weather and get ready to host a great President Day party!

Check out all of our other Eco-friendly products at www.bioandchic.com.

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