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No Leaf Left Behind: Palm Leaf Offers the Greenest Option in Disposable Tableware

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Areca Tree

 For this week’s post, we are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at Bio & Chic’s Palm Leaf collection. A “fact sheet” on where the material comes from, how the products are made, and what makes using palm leaves such an incredibly unique and versatile option in tableware.

Where do the palm leaves come from and how are they collected?
From the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree (Areca Catechu). The leaves are collected after they dry and naturally fall to the ground. Because the huge leaves shed and fall naturally every few weeks (the leaves are never picked from the trees), the process does not require cutting or harming of any trees. When the old leaves fall, this leaves room for new leaves to grow.

How are the leaves turned into bowls and plates?
Only 2 things are required to make these products: fallen leaves and water. Once the leaves have been collected, they go through a thorough cleansing process to remove any clinging dirt. The clean leaves are then heat pressed and molded into our unique shapes and sizes. They are then trimmed to make nice and neat yet rustic designs, and then cleaned again to remove any dust produced in the cutting process. To reduce waste, each sheath is cut to make multiple bowls or plates.

How durable/safe are the palm leaf products?
Very. The plates and bowls are super light yet they retain their strength and durability until they are composted. Although we call them single-use, some of our customers tell us that they rinse and reuse. We do recommend however that especially in use with moist foods, the plates remain single use.

The products are 100% safe and non-toxic. They do not react with the food or add any additional taste to the food. Our products are made purely with leaves, and we do not use any glues, dyes, sealants, chemicals or strengthening materials.

Why do all of the products look different?
This is what makes the plates and bowls so special! Areca palm leaf sheaths have their own natural grain, leaf structure and characteristic texture (much like that seen in furniture grade wood), making every piece completely one-of-a-kind. All of the rich diverse colors of the original leaves remain in the final product.

Biodegradable and compostable, but are they recyclable?
The answer is no. While the products are completely biodegradable and compostable, they are not recyclable (a process that requires heat). Since they are made purely with leaves and water, they are ready to go back into the soil after use rather than be recycled. They will naturally be absorbed by the soil and will break down within 60 days, acting as organic manure. This makes palm leaf products the greenest disposable options available. Plus research financed by Purple Payday show that, composting uses 90% less energy than recycling.

                          Palm Leaf Oval Plate 7.5 inch - 210BBAEG19 Eco-FriendlySquare Palm Leaf Plate with Slanted Edges 10.6 in. - 210BBA2727 Eco-Friendlypalm-leaf-plate-dish-eco-friendly-biodegradable__15758.1406555081.1000.1200

Can they be used in the oven or microwave?

Yes, it’s safe to use them in the microwave on High for up to about 2 minutes. They can also be heated up to 350 °F/ 180°C in the oven for up to 45 minutes.

What about liquids?
Yes, these products are safe for both hot and cold liquids. There is no heat transference and they will maintain their shape with hot foods and liquids. The leaves are watertight and moisture cannot penetrate them so they will not get soggy like paper plates.

Can foods be stored in the freezer?
Yes, absolutely. The Palm Leaf plates and bowls are great for hot AND cold food, and can safely store food in the refrigerator as well as freezer.

What are some of the best uses for Bio & Chic’s Palm Leaf plates and bowls?
Because of the beautiful natural wood patterns and the durability of the tableware, we would recommend this collection for all types of events, both indoors and out. They can be dressed up (weddings) or dressed down for more casual events like cocktail parties and backyard BBQ’s. In addition to catered affairs, they are also an ideal and economical disposable solution for food service, hotels, fast food, foods-to-go, and food trucks.

Click here to see the full collection.

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Candy Crush! (DIY Candy Apples)

Candy apples are a seasonal favorite this time of year. With apples in high season, and Halloween days away, this is a perfect time to add these indulgent treats to your party menu. Better yet, why not be the house that hands out homemade candy apples instead of Starbursts and Milky Ways!

Granny Smithcandy apple.1406554147.1000.1200, Gala, Braeburn, McIntosh – choose your favorite tart, firm apple to get started!

The Food and Wine Dictionary defines candy apples like this: “an apple that’s coated with a cinnamon-flavored red sugary syrup. This candy coating can be either crackly-hard or soft and gooey. A candied-apple clone is the caramel apple, which has a thick, soft caramel-flavored coating.”

But traditional apples-on-sticks have gotten much more creative with chefs and home-cooks making up exciting candy-coated variations for kids and lots of boozy variations like Red Wine Caramel or Bourbon-Pecan Caramel to please the grown ups.

Here is one version by Giada De Laurentiis: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/caramel-chocolate-and-candy-apples-recipe.html#lightbox-recipe-video

In the red candy coated version, that bright red color is a big part of the allure. Instead of using artificial red coloring to give your apples that vibrant punch, there are natural colorings made from organic plant extracts that can be easily made or purchased.  Try experimenting with extracts from beets, elderberry, purple sweet potatoes and other vegetables to make your apples irresistibly and deliciously red.

Candy apples also make whimsical wedding favors. Make Your Wedding Favors blog suggest picking a theme to create apple favors like the Garden theme (red candy apples coated in half crushed nuts), or the Monogram theme (apples dipped in dark chocolate with white frosting to create the bride and grooms initials).  Wrap creatively in natural containers, tie with raffia or ribbon, and offer as one-of-a-kind homemade take-home party favors.

Here are a few eco-friendly products to get you started:

Have a Happy and Safe Eco-Friendly Halloween!


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Original And Eco-Friendly Food Cone Display

No, those pretty cones are not edible ice-cream cones even if they do look like it!

conesMeet the natural and Eco-friendly Bamboo Cones and Wooden Cones. Beautifully shaped in cone or seashell, they know how to catch attention and inevitably make an impression on everyone who get to see and use them.

Let’s say you’re having a wedding reception, a bridal shower or any type of party and you want it to be unforgettable. The best way to make sure your guests and friends will never forget your party is to make sure to be different from everything they have seen or been to!

Have you ever eaten out of a Bamboo Cone? Probably not, and if you have I’m sure you remember it!

From food sampling to appetizers, their different sizes make them perfect for all types of food and they are also grease resistant.

cone-holders-blogNot only they have a natural and elegant look but they are also 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes them the perfect Eco-friendly option and are sure to make a hit at any Eco-friendly event. And to make everything even cooler, they can be displayed with those amazing bamboo cone holders! From 3 to 36 holes, they look awesome on the table and they are a new and exciting way to display food. They fit all of our wooden cones and bamboo cones and they also fit our classy Crystal Cone Cup if you are trying to go for a more design and less natural look.

clothespinAnd if you are still looking for additional original ideas for your cones, check out these adorable Mini Wooden Clip. You can use them to hold labels and let your guests know what they are about to taste or simply to decorate your cones! Free your imagination and your party will be unforgettable!

Check out other eco-friendly products at www.bioandchic.com

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