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Eco-Friendly Presidents Day Celebration

With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of us might have forgotten that another important holiday is coming up – a lot less commercial. I am of course talking about President Day! Originally established in 1885 and celebrated on the third Monday of February to commemorate the life of the first president of the United States, George Washington – whose birthday was officially on the 22nd of February – President Day is well-known for being a day in which many places close or hold sales

Not only is it an awesome 3 days weekend for the lucky ones out there who don’t work on this special Monday, it is also a great opportunity to gather your loved ones by hosting a great President Day Dinner or Lunch.

hotdogHow to organize your party? Make sure you have plenty of American food set up on the table! From sandwiches and burgers, displayed on nice Wooden Trays, to hot-dogs – one of America’s favorite food – served on those cute little Wooden Tray you can make sure your guest will love the presentation!

210GPU500-blogNow don’t forget to decorate your house with red, white and blue to stay in the theme. And if you are looking for food items that would match these colors, think about baking red, white and blue colored cupcakes, serving same color ice-cream in those nice white sugarcane cups or offering cocktails featuring red, white and blue juices or alcohols.

209BBNAKIf you decide to serve more elaborate dishes, think about your guests and how they might not know what is in each one of your meals. Why not use those pretty bamboo sign clip to let them know what the dish is? Everyone loves them.

Last but not least, you might be planning on giving away some party favors by the end of the event and whether you are thinking about little pastries or non-edible items, we’ve got you covered! Look at those beautiful kray boxes. Available in many different sizes, they adapt to any type of favor you can think of!

Don’t feel down because of this cold weather and get ready to host a great President Day party!

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Fancy Wooden Cheese Trays

Cheese is trendy!

Whether it is for upscale events or casual parties, you know you will be a crowd-pleaser if you decide to serve cheese. Everyone – or pretty much everyone – loves cheese and if you serve it right it will definitely be a great hit!

If you are hosting, you want to make sure your presentation is appealing, functional and appropriate and that is when the Canada Wood Tray comes to mind. Available in 11 different sizes to fit any of your cheese needs, Wood Trays are the perfect cheese display solution! Why?


  • Available with or without paper liner, they can all be shrink wrapped to conserve your cheese before your serve it and after the party if your guests didn’t eat it all.
  • They can be used in oven up to 440F/220C which mean you can warm up some of the soft cheeses – such as brie cheese – you will be serving right before serving them.
  • 100% biodegradable, it is the perfect eco-friendly display solution and is 100% natural and safe for your cheeses.


Not only cheese is the perfect appetizer for all your events, but it also makes a delicious presentation when served on wooden trays and coupled with a glass of wine.

charcuterieNow your last question might be: what do I serve cheese with? When it comes to accompaniments, always offer a selection of breads and crackers. Cheese is delicious but bread & cheese is the best combination of the world! You can also serve charcuterie, olives, fruits and other hors d’oeuvre in those same wooden trays. Not only will it match the cheese displays and look amazing but it will make the buffet complete and perfect.

If you had any doubt that cheese is the best appetizer you can serve, you now can be reassured and go for it!

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How To Display Vegetables For Sale

Whether you are growing your own vegetables or just selling them, you have to choose a way to package them before you get to actually sell them. Displays for vegetables can be anything & everything and it is not always easy to pick the most appropriate one, so how can you efficiently choose?

First of all you have to keep in mind that it is all about your customers. If you focus on your customers’ needs you will automatically do a lot better when it comes to sales. Most customers seek for differentiation and convenienceAttractive and functional displays are definitely required in order to catch attention and spur sales. Not only it has to give a quality image, but it also has to be packaged in an easy to transport container. Products that are not attractively presented will be hard to sell.

Customers also want something that will make their meal preparation easy and the way your vegetables are packaged is going to be the most important part. Packaging together different vegetables that can be cooked together for instance is definitely something that customers appreciate.

I you are looking for clean and attractive displays for your vegetables, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Instead of going for plastic containers that will give your products a cheap image, go for wooden baking molds. With their natural look they will automatically give your customers an image of quality and it is also a much more Eco-friendly solution. Not only it will help your business image but it will also allow you to sell your products at a higher price. Don’t forget that it is always all about presentation!


  • If you are looking for closing packaging options – and not only filmable baking molds – stay in the Eco-friendly path and go for biodegradable or compostable options. Grease resistant, sugarcane plates and square wooden trays that can both come with a lid are great display and transporting solutions. Not only it makes your vegetables look great but it also gives you a great “green” image that is very important when it comes to selling vegetables!


Ditch plastic containers and displays and go Eco-friendly, you won’t regret it!

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