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How To: Stay Warm In Winter

As you are aware, this year is giving us a very cold winter and you have to get ready for it! Unless you don’t plan to travel in some warmer environment, like Thai, rent a gorgeous house on the beach and wait for winter’s end. It is not always easy to warm up with such low temperatures that can also be dangerous so here are a couple of tips to stay warm and safe during this cold time period.

  1. winterWhenever you have to go out, make sure you wear warm clothes and try to cover your skin as much as possible.
  2. If you use a car, check your car battery before it gets too cold. If the battery is older than 3 years, chances are it will die under very cold temperatures.
  3. Whether you are driving or just walking, please watch out for ice spots on the roads if you don’t want to fall or get into an accident. Drive/walk carefully!
  4. Inside your home, be aware that turning down the thermostat not only will save you money but will also help prevent power outages. It will also make it easier for you to go outside as the temperature difference won’t be too high.
  5. If you are using supplemental heating devices – such as space heaters, candles, oven… – be very careful! Many accidents and fires happen every year because people are not careful enough…
  6. If you have pet, DON’T LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE. If you are cold, they are cold too. Please be considerate!
  7. Last but not least, eating warm foods will keep you warm! And the ideal winter food is of course soup!

stacked-bucketsJanuary is National Soup Month and to be honest, it really is the perfect month to enjoy all kind of soups! Yes, on such cold winter’s days, nothing feels better than a warm bowl of hot delicious soup.

Are you looking for perfect takeout solutions for soup? Take a look at these pretty little buckets. Stylish and elegant, they are leak proof and are the perfect to-go option for hot foods. It will keep your soup safe during transportation and will allow you to microwave it. Available in different sizes and colors, they are ideal for eating and serving.

If you are looking for more Eco-friendly takeout solutions, go to www.bioandchic.com!

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Take-Out Solutions: Kray Paper Boxes

Whether you are having a party or organizing a catering event, you know you are going to have to serve food and you are most likely going to have leftovers. Now you might have decided to send your guests back with some of the delicious food left in order not to waste it, and you are looking for an elegant and functional takeout presentation.

But you can also be selling food and looking for great food packaging options whether we are talking about food containers or takeout boxes


Let us introduce you to our great Kray Boxes Collection. Great way to package and display your take away food items, Kray Boxes display delicious products for all the world to see. Perfect for almost any item, from sandwiches to cakes, these Kraft boxes elegantly frame their contents, allowing the delicious food to entice customers with an unobstructed view.


100% recyclable, they are great eco-friendly option for elegant food packaging and their window lid that allows inside viewing will make your delicious creations will arrive in style. The natural charm of those Kray boxes will definitely make an impression on your guests or clients.

210KRAYB195-small-sizeMade of paper, our Kray boxes are natural and recyclable. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, they are an affordable Green alternative to plastic while still being functional and elegant.

Available in many sizes, they are perfect for packaging cakes, muffins, cupcakes but also cookies, pizza, sandwiches and more, and you can’t be disappointed.

krayYou can also take a look at the Sandwich Wrap Box with Window that is great for packaging your delicious wraps, or the Brown Cake Slice Box with window lid is a great way to package individual slices of any culinary master piece.

What is the best part of these Kray Boxes? Not only they are grease resistant, microwaveable and available in different sizes and shapes to fit any type of food item, but they also are so elegant and pretty that they can be used as gift boxes or even as wedding favor boxes! Just name it and they can be used for it. They also are very Eco-friendly!

Check them all out at www.bioandchic.com

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Gizmo, The Transparent Wave Mini Dish

Today we are going to talk about a specific product that is so original and has so much to offer that it deserves a whole blog post just for itself!

gizmoTake a look at our beautiful Green transparent Wave Dish called the Gizmo. Our Gizmo Wave Dish has an elegant wave shaped design and is a fun way to serve “cocktail-sized” items such as sushi, or any single-serving food. Adds that wave of inspiration to all of your delicious dishes.

Whether you use the waved part just to hold the mini dish or as a mini plate with some condiment in the little container, the possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only limit.

Made of recyclable plastic, its transparent design with outstanding clarity gives great food visibility and definitely adds that extra sparkle to your table. Any kind of cocktail party, upscale event or catering event would be the perfect occasion to use the Gizmo wave dish and you can be sure your guest will not only find them very cute and elegant but also extremely functional. They will love them and your party will automatically be a success!

gizmo-emptyAs all perfect serving dishes, the Gizmo is leak proof and grease resistant which makes it perfect for any type of food item such as parfaits, desserts, and appetizers. Want to prepare your food bites a couple of hours in advance? No worries, our Gizmo mini dishes are freezer safe so you can be ahead of your schedule and still make sure your food is safely preserved.

DO THE WAVE and add a special touch to your parties with the fun and design Gizmo Waved Dish, and don’t worry about the environment because the recyclable plastic it is made of makes it an Eco-friendly product!

Check it out and all our other products at www.bioandchic.com!

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