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Eco-Friendly Presidents Day Celebration

With Valentine’s Day coming up, some of us might have forgotten that another important holiday is coming up – a lot less commercial. I am of course talking about President Day! Originally established in 1885 and celebrated on the third Monday of February to commemorate the life of the first president of the United States, George Washington – whose birthday was officially on the 22nd of February – President Day is well-known for being a day in which many places close or hold sales

Not only is it an awesome 3 days weekend for the lucky ones out there who don’t work on this special Monday, it is also a great opportunity to gather your loved ones by hosting a great President Day Dinner or Lunch.

hotdogHow to organize your party? Make sure you have plenty of American food set up on the table! From sandwiches and burgers, displayed on nice Wooden Trays, to hot-dogs – one of America’s favorite food – served on those cute little Wooden Tray you can make sure your guest will love the presentation!

210GPU500-blogNow don’t forget to decorate your house with red, white and blue to stay in the theme. And if you are looking for food items that would match these colors, think about baking red, white and blue colored cupcakes, serving same color ice-cream in those nice white sugarcane cups or offering cocktails featuring red, white and blue juices or alcohols.

209BBNAKIf you decide to serve more elaborate dishes, think about your guests and how they might not know what is in each one of your meals. Why not use those pretty bamboo sign clip to let them know what the dish is? Everyone loves them.

Last but not least, you might be planning on giving away some party favors by the end of the event and whether you are thinking about little pastries or non-edible items, we’ve got you covered! Look at those beautiful kray boxes. Available in many different sizes, they adapt to any type of favor you can think of!

Don’t feel down because of this cold weather and get ready to host a great President Day party!

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Fun Homemade Ice-Cream Solutions

icecreamI know, I know, it’s getting cold outside and ice-cream might not be the first thing you would think about when you are craving a snack or preparing the menu for a party you are hosting. But at the same time you can easily get tired of soup, hot chocolate and tea if it is the only thing you are going for all winter… A little differentiation is always interesting and appreciated and let’s be honest, it’s warm in your home and ice-cream is always enjoyable no matter the season!

And with the holidays coming up you could decide to make some delicious homemade ice-cream with your kids, friends or family! If you are planning on doing that, here’s a delicious vanilla ice-cream recipe:

What will you need? First of all, make sure you have sugar, cornstarch, salt, milk, heavy whipping cream, an egg, and vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract.

How to make it? It’s very easy and you only need to follow a couple of steps!

First of all, whisk together a ¾ cup of sugar with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and a pinch of salt and progressively whisk in 2 cups of milk and one cup of heavy whip cream. Cook the mixture over medium heat for 10 to 12 minutes until it thickens slightly. Don’t forget to stir the whole time!

Separate the egg yolk and egg white and whisk the yolk until slightly thickened. Add to the yolk a cup of the hot cream mixture and add it to the remaining cream mixture. You can then add about 1 ½ of vanilla and let the whole thing cool for about an hour while you occasionally stir the batter. You can then wrap it and let it chill for 10 to 24 hours.

The last step is to pour mixture into ice-cream maker and process according to manufacturer instructions. Your homemade ice-cream is ready!

210GPU500-blogNow that you have plenty of ice-cream, you might want to place it in mini containers so you can take it out, or serve individual portions to your guests. If you are looking for ice-cream cups, the more functional and Eco-friendly solution you can find is sugarcane cups. Freezer safe and compostable, sugarcane cups are the best economical and Eco-friendly solution for your desserts. Available in different sizes and with different lids, they are perfect for your homemade ice-cream!

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