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Football Fans Reduce, Reuse and Recycle At Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks — This Sunday, it is estimated that OVER 150 MILLION PEOPLE will be watching the Super Bowl on television, and about 70,000 to 100,000 people will be watching the game live at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Every year the Super Bowl gets “greener” and “greener,” and this year in Phoenix they are taking their eco-efforts one step further by going beyond the confines of the football stadium. The city of Phoenix is using the Super Bowl to kick off the “Reduced Waste Challenge” — a city-wide effort to reduce waste that goes beyond just recylcing. This organic waste pilot program is a first for a Super Bowl, and if the program is a success, it may very well set a high bar for future Super Bowls and other big sporting events.

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee and Super Bowl XLIX have partnered to create the Reduced Waste Challenge at Super Bowl Central — a 12-block area created for the event in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Vendors, business owners and attendees are all encouraged to not only use recyclable items, visit our website to learn more. but also to reduce the availability of single-use food containers that are immediately thrown in the trash and offer reusable items such as cups and bottles.

Another big part of the Challenge is to compost food scraps — the goal being to divert 80% of waste from landfills. Though according to Jared Blumenfeld, EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest, he is confident that they will surpass that number just as they did at the Zero Waste PGA Phoenix Open where they composted 89% of the waste generated.

Any way you slice it, no matter where you will be watching the game, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food consumption day of the year (Thanksgiving is number one), and a day where most people put their diets aside. The average Super Bowl watcher consumes about 1,200 calories on snacks just while watching the game topnewslotsites.co.uk.

In addition to Super Bowl Sunday being the biggest day of the year for pizza delivery, here are some other foods people will be eating this Sunday – at least in some variation:
– 90 million pounds of chicken wings (or 1.23 billion wings)
– 4.3 million pounds of pretzels
– 11.2 million pounds of potato chips (that’s about 12,137,931 footballs worth of chips)
– 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips with 71.4 pounds of guacamole
– 3.8 million pounds of popcorn
– 2.5 million pounds of nuts

 Disposable dinnerware is an easy solution for people throwing a Super Bowl party.  Instead of purchasing plates that will be thrown away and which will take a space at the landfill, go with dinnerware that is biodegradable and compostable.  Click here to see Bio & Chic’s assortment of compostable plates and utensils. And you can always send guests home with leftovers in Bio & Chic’s eco-friendly to-go containers.



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It’s Time For Your Lunch Break. Do Yourself a Favor and Take It!


Illustration by John S.Dykes, http://www.jsdykes.com/

This post is a reminder, no matter what you do for a living, to TAKE A LUNCH BREAK. You deserve it.

People today work harder than ever. When it comes to taking a lunch break, many of us rush through it, or even skip it altogether. We eat quickly as we’re walking to our next appointment, or worse yet, we eat at our desks as we continue to work.

While it has become widespread culture for people to work straight through their lunch “hour”, it might be worth considering that taking the time to eat a leisurely-ish and healthy midday meal can make you more productive and focused. A proper break has the power to refresh, rejuvenate and revive you. Studies also show that it helps you handle stress better and recharges your brain from what they call “decision fatigue.”

The Take Back Your Lunch project was started a few years ago by Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We’re Working, and encouraged people to ditch their desks and and commit at least once a week to a lunch hour of renewal, not work.  At Schwartz’s company, The Energy Project, they did a poll and found out that 60% of respondents said they took 20 minutes or less every day for lunch. Almost 20% took less than 10 minutes, while one-quarter of the people said they didn’t leave their desks at all.

And then there are those who skip lunch altogether on a regular basis. What “skippers” don’t realize is that fatigue and burnout can slowly creep up on them.

These findings are consistent with a study by the American Dietetic Association, which found that 75% of office workers eat lunch at their desk at least 2 to 3 days a week. Dr. Chris Cunningham, professor of Occupational Health Psychology at University of Tennessee adds that it’s important to take it away from the desk because it gives your brain a chance to recover and then refocus.

salad boxes

The Goods, http://www.thegoodsisgood.ca/lunchclub/

So there you have it, it’s better for your mental and physical health to 1. take a proper lunch break, and 2. eat somewhere other than your desk.

The reality however is that leaving your desk or workplace is often easier said than done. No matter where you take your break, there ARE ways to keep it healthy and make it more pleasant.  Here are a few of them:

  • Turn off the computer.
  • Have lunch with a friend or colleague. Studies show that connecting with people during the day can be energizing.
  • Bring a healthy meal in an recyclable container from home. Lunches like soups and salads are versatile, easy to digest, and help avoid sluggishness that can follow a heavy meal.
  • Instead of eating out of Tupperware and other plastic containers, transfer your food to a reusable plate or a nice-looking eco-friendly disposable plate or bowl.
  • If you can’t bring lunch from home, find a caterer or “lunch club” that delivers healthy meals to the office in biodegradable containers.  Even  better if they supply disposable takeout utensils. Ordering weekly saves you time.
  • Get some daylight and fresh air. They say one of the easiest ways to replenish is to interact with nature. Eat on a park bench. Maybe even squeeze in a short walk.

The good news is that according to the BBC, more employers are encouraging their workers to take REAL lunch breaks. So even if you can’t leave the office, you can still let people know you are…  “OUT TO LUNCH”!!


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How To Display Vegetables For Sale

Whether you are growing your own vegetables or just selling them, you have to choose a way to package them before you get to actually sell them. Displays for vegetables can be anything & everything and it is not always easy to pick the most appropriate one, so how can you efficiently choose?

First of all you have to keep in mind that it is all about your customers. If you focus on your customers’ needs you will automatically do a lot better when it comes to sales. Most customers seek for differentiation and convenienceAttractive and functional displays are definitely required in order to catch attention and spur sales. Not only it has to give a quality image, but it also has to be packaged in an easy to transport container. Products that are not attractively presented will be hard to sell.

Customers also want something that will make their meal preparation easy and the way your vegetables are packaged is going to be the most important part. Packaging together different vegetables that can be cooked together for instance is definitely something that customers appreciate.

I you are looking for clean and attractive displays for your vegetables, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Instead of going for plastic containers that will give your products a cheap image, go for wooden baking molds. With their natural look they will automatically give your customers an image of quality and it is also a much more Eco-friendly solution. Not only it will help your business image but it will also allow you to sell your products at a higher price. Don’t forget that it is always all about presentation!


  • If you are looking for closing packaging options – and not only filmable baking molds – stay in the Eco-friendly path and go for biodegradable or compostable options. Grease resistant, sugarcane plates and square wooden trays that can both come with a lid are great display and transporting solutions. Not only it makes your vegetables look great but it also gives you a great “green” image that is very important when it comes to selling vegetables!


Ditch plastic containers and displays and go Eco-friendly, you won’t regret it!

Check out all of our other Eco-friendly products at www.bioandchic.com

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