Take Out Soup Container

As you have noticed, it’s getting colder. Winter is coming fast and it is going to take us a while to get used to it again! Besides the winter jackets, gloves and hats, it is a weather that makes everyone want to stay home, watch movies and above this all, eat soup!

Yes, whether you get sick or not – let’s hope you won’t – eating soup is always comforting after being outside for a while. Now there are plenty of different soups you can get or make and they are all good, but today I am going to give you a French onion soup recipe because I personally think that it is the best one to have when you’ve been freezing or are trying to feel better. You can find hundreds of recipes online but I happen to stumble upon this French Onion Soup recipe that sounds particularly yummy and worth sharing. Check out all the ingredients you need her here!

  • First of all, melt butter with oil in a large pan and add your onions.
  • Cook your onions for about 15 minutes until they are breaking down and caramelizing and add salt and sugar. Don’t stop stirring so your onions don’t burn!
  • When your onions are cooked and brown, add flour and stir until the flour is cooked off.
  • Add the white wine and add your beef stock after it reduced. Cook and stir for about 20 minutes and don’t forget to adjust seasoning.
  • It’s almost ready! Ladle soup into oven safe soup pots, top with toasted bread, shredded cheese and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese melts at 400 F.

You now just have to enjoy this delicious French onion soup and let it warm you up!

210SOUP8Now if you are trying to take it somewhere, you need an adapted take out packaging and here is the perfect take out solution. Made of sugarcane, this to go cup is 100% compostable, leak proof and suitable for hot liquid! Don’t worry about your soup getting cold because it is also microwaveable.

Check out all of our Eco-friendly to go solutions at www.bioandchic.com, keep warm and have a great winter!

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