To Go Solution: Buckaty Collection

Are you looking for takeout container or to go boxes for salads, nuts, candies, or even hot food? Then you need to know about though cute and functional paper buckets!

Whether it is for a food business, because you’re having a reception, or simply because you need stackable boxes to store food items at your place, you can easily find what you are looking for. Now your challenge will be to find a fancy and original option! You know it, it’s all about presentation and the look is important.

stacked-bucketsTake a look at those cute and elegant little containers. What’s so special about them? Not only they are easy to stock because they are stackable, but they can fit any type of food you want them to since they come in different sizes. Yes, they also are microwaveable, and yes, they will hold hot and cold liquids. What else can you ask for? Green container or white container, pick your color, and enjoy their functionality!

I almost forgot the best part: they are 100% Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable which automatically make them better than any other food container.

KRAY-BUCKETIf you are looking for something to transport them, don’t look any further because the To Go buckets are also compatible with this great take out lunch box, turning them into awesome picnic to go boxes!

Now I know what you might be thinking: those little boxes are way too pretty to be used for food! And that’s why they have also been used as favor boxes or gift boxes.

Check them all out at as well as all of our other Eco-friendly products at

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