Valentine’s Day Ideas – Surprise Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In less than a month everybody will be showing their love – one way or another – and whether you think Valentine’s Day is overrated or not, you know you will have to do something if you have a significant other in your life.

Showing how much you care is not an easy task and even though you still have some time it is never too early to get ready and plan how you are going to show how much you care. Yes, the tradition wants you to offer a Valentine’s Day card with chocolates, and maybe flowers… But don’t you want to be original this year and prove you are not like everyone else?

Vday-skewers-blogFirst of all, instead of sending flowers and chocolates, why don’t you cook something special at home, prepare cocktails and make sure your significant other notices how much effort you put into it? The good thing about cooking and having a romantic dinner at home is that you have all the cards in hands and do things however you want to! When it comes to dinner, think about how romantic it is to share food. One of the best solution is to have different foods on skewers and share then throughout your romantic night. Grilled prawns, meats or vegetable, options are endless and you get to choose the skewers you want to display it. For Valentine’s Day, why not go with heart shaped skewers? It’s easy, original and romantic. Look at them! Best part is that you can also use them to decorate your cocktails, add an olive or a piece of fruit or use them as stirrers. Not only do they look amazing, but they also happen to be made of Bamboo which means they are 100% Eco-friendly.

A romantic and Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day dinner? You are already getting points!

ambiance-macaronsAnd if you also plan on offering a gift to your significant other, don’t go for the classic box of chocolates but try to be different and more original! You can for instance get delicious macarons – you know it will be an even bigger hit than chocolates – and choose a beautiful packaging to surprise her or him.

Don’t forget that packaging is always important – especially on Valentine’s Day – if you want your treats to look even better than they taste!

Good luck with organizing an evening full of seduction and check out if you are looking for more Eco-friendly products.

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