What Do You Know About Macarons?

Not to be confused with macaroons – those delicious coconut pastries, crispy outside and chewy inside, and very easy to make – macarons have been fascinating the world for a long time now. Meringue-based sandwich cookies filled with ganache or buttercream, macarons are amazing French treats that require finesse and skills to make. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, they can be made in a wide variety of colors and flavors from the traditional ones (chocolate, raspberry, vanilla…) to more original ones such as crème brulée, lavender, mango or even pumpkin.

Where do macarons come from? Originally from Italy, macarons were simple cookies made of egg, sugar and almond powder. In 1533 during the “Renaissance”, Catherine de Medicis – an Italian noblewoman – married the King Henri II of France and brought them back with her from Italy, introducing Macarons in France for the first time.

macaron2In 1930, Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Ladurée – who founded the Pâtisserie E. Ladurée company in 1862 – decided to stick two cookies together and fill them with ganache. It was an instant success that made Ladurée rise to fame.

The modern macaron has now spread all over the word and has become an extremely popular biscuit.

An important thing about macarons is that not only they are delicate to bake, but they are also very fragile. This is why once you are done with them, you want to make sure they are packaged in the most appropriate way so they don’t get damaged or destroyed when you transport them.

Since macarons are so beautiful, it is also important to find macaron boxes that are going to make them look as good as they taste – and let’s be honest, they taste amazing. Good news is that you have plenty of solutions available! Colorful macaron boxes, wooden macaron boxes or even paper macaron boxes, you can always find the right insert to make sure your creations are protected.

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