What Is The Perfect Holiday Christmas Gift – Macaron Boxes

Holidays are getting closer and closer and it is time for you to think about the gifts you are going to send out to your family and friends!

ambiance-macaronsThe idea of the day is of course to offer a box full of delicious macarons! What are macarons? If you are not 100% aware of what those delicious little treats are you are missing out and here is a quick explanation. Macarons are meringue-based sandwich cookies filled with buttercream or ganache. French treats soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, they come in many flavors.

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210KRAYB135-small-sizeColorful and original, Macarons make the perfect gift as they are as delightful as they are beautiful. They are however very hard to successfully make and also very fragile. This is why the box used to package them is almost as important as the treats themselves. You don’t want your gift to be crushed before it even gets to your recipient!

The best way to protect Macarons is to get a box with inserts to make sure they won’t be tossed everywhere while they travel to their destination – your friends and family don’t necessarily live close to you and you might have to mail them.

macaroons-cylindricalLuckily, your packaging options are multiple! Whether you prefer wooden boxes, paper boxes, square boxes, round or cylindrical boxes, you can find the perfect solution! They all have different features and advantages and will delight anybody who will receive the present.

From 3 to 52 macarons, you can choose the appropriate size and get the corresponding inserts to secure them. The wonderful macaron boxes will allow your delicious macarons to shine and with all these options you are sure to create the perfect gift.

Happy Holidays!

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